Photographer: Martynas Milkevičius

Mini Bio:

At the age of fourteen my parents took me from the beautiful metropolis of Moscow into the village of Highlands Ranch Colorado where I was immediately rejected by all the glorious Abercrombie and Fitch wearing blondes. My summers were much different from all American teenagers. While they were diving into pools I was shoving myself into busy trains of Moscow Metro looking for new adventures. Spending longs summer days in pools halls full smoke, sipping on room temperature beer, laying around in the middle of the field somewhere in the Russian country side with techno music blasting with a few friends and staying up with the city that never sleeps.

As my high schools years finally came to an end I picked a University close to the city of Denver with minimum Highlands Ranch attendees. The second part was not very difficult. Once again, I found myself spending little time on campus after hours or inside fraternity houses. At the age of 20 I was attending wine tastings and learning about the vibrant and flouring restaurant life. I did however speed up the learning process and graduated with a major in International Business and a Minor in International Studies a quarter early. Most graduates end up as an executive assistant position as their first “out of college” job getting paid “I can barely make rent” salaries. I was not one of those girls. I signed a contract to go overseas to a “beautiful” city of Atyrau Kazakhstan to manage multi-million construction projects for oil and gas making over 100k a year. I passed my one and only interview with my boss at 3am in the morning whilst in middle of taking a tequila shot after hours.

I will save you time describing my experience overseas. Though I will state it was one of the toughest, greatest and eye opening times of my life. I returned back to United States to a job offer and dove into corporate America. Before I could climb up the career ladder too quickly I found out I was pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful son – Luca London (oh yeah one more thing: right after graduating from college I got married). The next few years of my life were a mix of exploration and learning and I am still discovering life. I am loving every single moment! I am grateful for all people that crossed my path. I have an insane passion for shooting photography. It takes me though time travel and makes me feel things I never felt before. Speaking of shooting – I love shooting guns. It relaxes me. In the same way I feel relaxed when my tattoo artists puts his needle on my skin (I currently have 5 tattoos). I also have many fascinations lots of people may never understand. What can I say I am bit of an odd mystery though over the years as I have grown into myself I have learned to be ok with that. Perhaps it also may be because someone told I am ok the way I am. :)

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