Waiting and hoping

The man that I am truly in love with is literally on the other side of the world. He is only gone for two months, but I am having a difficult time not knowing what or who he is doing over there. By the way, we have been broken up for about four months, but have remained friends. I don’t hear from him much, and have a difficult time getting him to communicate even when he’s in the same country. I feel like I am waiting for him only to be let down again, but I don’t want to give up someone I love so much and screw things up. I am just waiting and hoping it will work out between us. What do you think about me waiting around for him?

Waiting and Hoping

Dear “Waiting and Hoping,”
What the hell are you waiting around for? You said it yourself, you broke up four months ago. That should be reason enough to let go. Then you mentioned that he doesn’t communicate. I don’t get it, what is the question again? Should I wait around for a guy who dumped me four months ago then left the country? I suggest you pretend to be someone else and read your own letter as if it were a stranger’s. The answer will be more than obvious.

The Chick
I think you should wait around for him. He will definitely be back. Be sure not to start any new relationships or have sex with any other guys while you’re waiting either. If he said he would call you then he will. We guys always keep our word! He’s probably debating on how to pop the big question. Any day now you will receive an express DHL package containing an engagement ring, an “I’m sorry and want to be with you” letter and a one-way first class ticket to meet him. Just hang in there! NOT!

The Dude

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