Victoria Barrett

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Mini Bio:

I am Victoria Lynne Barrett, 20 years old, and a freelance model!

I had always loved fashion and glamour and of course, always wished I knew how to get involved with the industry. Like most young girls, they wish they knew, and they wish for “the look.” I knew I had the image, so it was just a matter of figuring out how to build a portfolio! So when I was 17, I decided to submit my senior pictures to agencies and castings!

Now years later, learning from trial and error with many things, I can say I am involved with the industry! And not only as a model, but as a make up artist as well as a dancer, and within the next 5 years, as a stylist and designer also! It does take plenty of time to become established and personally satisfied with your reputation, but I tend to get bored and I like keeping people on their toes and intrigued! So why not throw everything I enjoy doing into my career goals?

And now for the basics, Horoscope: Sagittarius, Favorite Colors: Teal, Orange, Yellow, Ethnicity: Hungarian/Russian, Birthday: November 25th, Relationship Status: Taken by Motor Cross Rider & Owner of Sugar Maple MX Track, Proud k-9 mother of a 3year old red Doberman Pinscher, And I reside in the country land of Wisconsin during the warm seasons and then travel down south to work, model and stay warm! So you can usually find me anywhere in between Wisconsin & Texas through out the year.

I hope everyone is as satisfied and excited as I am to be the featured model of BADASSCHICK Magazine! I hope my supporters, old and new, keep me inspired and pushed to be published more!

Thank You All,


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