Trust your instinct

Fifteen. I understood so much and so little at that time. At fifteen I made what could have been one of the worst mistakes in my life.

I had just gotten off of work, doing the required penance in fast food that seems to be required of all teenagers. I had changed clothes and had decided to do a quick run to the store across the street before I called my mother to pick me up.

Something that tells us that we may possibly be in danger. But sometimes, we ignore them

I was on my way there when an older man that I had seen several times, stopped his car in front of me. I knew he worked in the area and I had spoken to him once or twice before. He seemed nice enough, but I had always felt slightly uncomfortable around him.

This fellow offered to give me a ride in his car to the store across the street. My head was telling me no. Inside I felt it may be a bad idea, but I didn’t want to be rude. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. So I got in the car. It was a few moments ride to the store, but when we got there he didn’t park near the entrance. Again, I started to feel like maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. That perhaps I shouldn’t have cared whether it was rude, and I should have rejected his offer.

We made small talk for a few moments, but in those moments he would reach over to touch me. Nothing sexual, but it sent off alarm bells in my head. I didn’t know what his intentions were, but I did know that I wanted out of that car.

I told him I needed to leave him and go to the store. The man offered to drive me home afterwards. I told him no, but he came up with several reasons why I should let him. It was pointless to make my mother drive all the way up to get me. He was planning on taking his new car out for a drive anyway. We could get to know each other better.

Inside my head was screaming, “No, no, no!” I felt bad, but I couldn’t take it anymore. Something was wrong. I didn’t know what it was, but my brain was telling me I had no business being in that car.

I got out of the car and had my mother pick me up at the store.

What would have happened if I hadn’t gotten out of the car? Who is to know? All I knew was that my instincts were telling me that what was happening was wrong. That I had possibly put myself in a dangerous situation and the longer I stayed in it, the more they were going to object.

So often we get these nagging feelings. Feelings that someone or something isn’t quite right. Something that tells us that we may possibly be in danger. But sometimes, we ignore them. We tell ourselves that we are over reacting. We tell ourselves there is nothing to worry about and everything is ok. Ok, with perhaps, the exception of an active imagination.

But why do we get those feelings? Our body isn’t lying to us. Sometimes it knows better then we do.

We’ve heard stories of people who will tell us that a certain person didn’t seem quite right. Things seemed fine on the outside, but for some reason they always made them feel uncomfortable. We hear stories of those same people telling us how that person raped, hurt or abused them.

We hear stories of the stranger that followed to closely out to the empty parking lot. We’ve also heard of the person walking to a more populated place instead of to their car. Why did they do that?

Something told them that things weren’t quite right. They sensed they were in danger, and did what they could to take themselves out of it.

Oftentimes, people will discount their instincts, or anyone else’s. Internal feelings are sometimes cast to the side of things that only psychic’s engage in. No one can possibly know what someone’s intentions are. And they are right. No one can really know. But there is a chance that you could have some idea.

We don’t get these feelings just because we are paranoid. If every fiber in your body is telling you to get out, it is doing it for a reason. It knows there is something wrong, even if we don’t. Sometimes removing yourself from the situation could save your life.

Would anything bad happened to me if I had decided to stay in that car and let that man drive me home? I honestly do not know. Maybe he was just a nice older guy that just wanted to save my mom the trip. Maybe I was being completely irrational about the whole ordeal.

Maybe. But would it really have been worth the risk?.

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is a mother, a writer, a gamer and a thespian, and holds a degree in history and psychology.
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