To bi or not to bi

This is my problem. My boyfriend and I spend a lot of time on the internet. We also spend a lot of time together. This isn’t the problem though. We get along great and have great sex, but he sees all these girls online and on their sites that say they are bisexual or lesbians. Now he is thinking that since I am a female, I must be bi or lesbian, which of course, fuels some conversations about how he would love to have a threesome with another lady. How can I get it through his head that not all women are bi or lesbian and that I really just like men?

I really just like men

Dear “I really just like men,”
I really don’t understand why your boyfriend would think that you are bi or lesbian just because other women have sites “saying” that they are. Does he think every woman is bi or lesbian? He probably thinks all gay men want him too … because … well, you know … he’s a guy. What kinda moron is he??? Did it ever occur to him that it might just be their job to “say” they are bi/lesbian … just like all the girls in the strip clubs “say” they want you … until the money runs out … whatever … I know for most men it’s the ultimate fantasy to have two women but he needs to stop living in this bi-lesbian-porn fantasy world. Just tell him you like men/dick … I’m sure he won’t understand such a crazy idea but whatever … don’t waste your time and don’t do anything that YOU don’t want do.

The Chick
The ole threesome hint,
If I hear one more guy whine about how he wants a threesome I will puke. Threesomes aren’t what they are cracked up to be. Tell him if you have a threesome with him and another girl, that he’ll have to have one with you and another guy (with him participating with the guy as you did with the girl). He’ll change his tone really fast.

The Dude

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