Three’s a nice crowd … but not perfect

If you and your partner are thinking about having a threesome but aren’t sure how it will affect you relationship, there are a few things you can do to test the waters. Go to a strip club and try getting a lap dance together. If it turns you both on and there is no jealousy or weird vibes then you might be able to handle it. Some couples really enjoy sharing each other with new partners. But if you get freaked out by the lap dance, then a threesome is not your cup of tea. Walk away and you’ll be okay. There are a few of us here at Bad Ass Chick who have some personal experience with threesomes. The following accounts are real, but the names have been changed to protect the wicked.

One drunken Halloween
It was a drunken Halloween night and me and my boyfriend went out with my best friend. We always had amazing sexual energy together especially when we danced in clubs (as if the alcohol had nothing to do with it). Anyway, we always danced and partied all night, and hung out several times a week.

I was curious and drunk. We leaned across Brian’s lap and kissed gently and deep for a few moments

One Saturday night, we decided to end our evening back at my apartment. Without saying a word we all walked into the bedroom and crashed on the bed. Well, one thing led to another and we eventually wound up in the heat of passion. I’ll admit, it was awesome! I let my boyfriend have the pleasure of both of us simultaneously, and then me and my best girl friend had each other. We slept together all night and held each other. I got to be in the middle, so of course I was loving life. The morning finally arrived and my poor boyfriend was very upset that he had to go to work. I mean come on, the dumb ass should have called in sick. He regrets not doing so to this day.

Shortly after our escapade, things began to get “weird” between all of us. My girlfriend and I had a rocky time for awhile, as I became a little jealous when we all hung out. Even though me and my boyfriend lived together and I knew he loved me, it still remained that he had sex with her. So we took a little break from hanging out with her which was hard for me. Things were weird for a bit, but I eventually managed to work through it. I called her and we started hanging again like it never happened. She was my best friend, and I still feel an extra special connection to her despite what happened. Would I do it again? Yes, I would… in a heartbeat. I’m not a lesbian, but I definitely can appreciate a beautiful woman. I think that we’re extraordinary beings.

High school girlfriends seduce two men
Marcy and I had been friends since Freshman year of high school. She’d always been a little on the wild side and loved to experiment, especially with women. Shortly after graduating Marcy and I hung out with our friend Brian on my back porch. We were drinking Jack and coke, celebrating our newfound adulthood and growing less inhibited by the moment. Marcy knew that I had a little crush on Brian, so trying to help me out she dared us to kiss. Brian smiled and said, “I dare you two to kiss.” Marcy wanted to kiss me but she’d been dating Eric and didn’t want to betray him. She rationalized by saying that he wouldn’t mind if she kissed another woman. Besides, she loved kissing woman and who better to kiss than one of her best friends. I bashfully agreed, I was curious and drunk. We leaned across Brian’s lap and kissed gently and deep for a few moments. It was pleasant and soft. I was surprised to see how much I liked it, it didn’t gross me out the way I thought it would. In fact, it turned me on. Of course, Brian was delighted too, it’s every young man’s fantasy to see two beautiful women kissing and petting each other. And Brian had always told us how sexy he thought we were. We all took turns kissing and began to caress one another’s bodies when the porch light came on. My dad had woken up and was coming to spoil the party. The three of us never got to finish what we’d started, but Marcy had other plans for me. For a couple of months she tried to convince me to join her with her new boyfriend, Eric, but I always refused. The incident with Brian was spontaneous and sensual. I couldn’t imagine planning it, I never thought I would even kiss another girl, let alone sleep with my best friend.

The three of us tried to remain friends afterwards, but things had changed

One night the two of us went out and had a few drinks. It’d been a long while since I’d had sex, and I was feeling like I needed a little action. When I mentioned this to Marcy, the threesome idea was proposed again. This time I accepted. I was feeling wild and decided to throw caution to the wind. We drank another glass of wine and called Eric to prepare him for our arrival. When we reached Marcy’s house Eric was already inside waiting for us on the couch. He was wearing only a robe and an excited grin. We greeted each other sheepishly and then jumped right in. The three of us took turns kissing and groping. Eric was incredibly well hung, more so than Marcy was used to. She’d complained on several occasions that she didn’t feel like she could perform fellatio properly so I decided to give Eric what he deserved. I took him into my mouth and he groaned my name as he tongued his girlfriend. The sex was good, but I felt too uncomfortable to orgasm. I decided to sleep on the couch afterwards. It was just not my speed. The three of us tried to remain friends afterwards, but things had changed. Marcy began to get possessive, like I was more than just a friend. We both became resentful and passive aggressive. I secretly just wanted our friendship to end because I didn’t know how to tell Marcy to stop treating me like her girlfriend. Our friendship ended badly and we haven’t spoken since. I don’t regret making out with Marcy and Brian, but I wish I wouldn’t have changed my mind about Marcy and Eric. Our friendship would probably have ended anyway, but at least we could have blamed it on something else.

Be prepared for the aftermath
With regards to threesomes, here’s one word of advice … always be sure to know what you’re getting into beforehand, or that wonderful threesome you’ve been planning since you were 17 could wind up blowing up in your face. It may be that all you’re left with is a pissed-off partner and a guilty conscience.

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