The Rookie Years

When does life begin? Some say it’s upon conception — when a member of the “Fallopian Swim Team” reaches the finish line. Others say it’s when you’re being received by a physician sporting a mask and catcher’s mitt. I say it’s neither.

Life begins in your thirties…. it’s true. If someone had told me at age 22 that life actually gets better as you get older, I would have started collecting When you reach your thirties, you can use all that you’ve experienced in your twenties and apply it to your life.estimates to have their walk-in closet converted into a padded cell. That type of arrogance when you’re young is good for your stamina, but it thwarts open-mindedness.

When I look back at how two-dimensional everything, including myself, seemed when I was in my twenties, it makes me cringe. The twenties are like your “Rookie” years. You’re making mistakes and learning from them. But you really don’t have a “plan” yet. If you do, it’s constantly subject to change. You’re establishing your values and morals as well as experimenting with life’s many options. I don’t remember anyone taking me very seriously, though, during this time.

Of course, this was a time when I could go out and party until 3:00 am and get up at 6:00 am to go to work and think nothing of it. Believe me, I’ve killed my share of brain cells. I still go out, but I don’t engage in a masochistic consumption of alcoholic beverages quite as often. The morning that I woke up and saw my liver sitting across the room having a cup of coffee pretty much put a stop to that.

When you reach your thirties, you can use all that you’ve experienced in your twenties and apply it to your life. There’s a balance there — you’re old enough to know better, but still young enough not to care.

There’s a certain dignity that goes along with growing older. Especially when you approach your late thirties and early forties. You don’t have to tippy-toe around certain issues as much as you used to. You’ll find yourself abandoning those fields of eggshells you used to find yourself treading on. You’re not riddled with angst like you are when you’re younger. You’re more decisive, and have absolutely no problem sticking to your guns once you’ve made that decision. You can speak your mind with full conviction and people will actually take you seriously.

Of course there are drawbacks. Some people become physically decrepit as they get older. That, I believe, is a result of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. This can be applied both physically and mentally. If you’re becoming a piece of furniture, of course your mental and physical faculties are going to atrophy. There’s a certain amount of physical deterioration that is to be expected, but why help it along? Get off your can while you’re still in your twenties and establish some good habits now.

Speaking of good habits, did I mention that the sex is better, too? After all that awkward crazy kid stuff in your rookie years, I’m very pleased to say that really good sex is a great payoff. It’s a bit more deliberate…. not to mention more often. My drive is as strong as it’s ever been. But I’ve also learned the benefits of abstinence. When I’m not with someone, I’m disciplined enough to hold off. That, too, comes with age. And when you finally do want to take a spin with someone, it’s that much more gratifying. Plus, you have the maturity to ask for what you want from that special person without hemming and hawing. Which takes us back to speaking your mind — See what I mean?

So all of you rookies out there, enjoy your youth, learn as much as you can, and live life to its fullest with the knowledge that the best is yet to come.

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