The mainstreaming of pornography

I started “surfing the web” around 1992. Of course, there really wasn’t a web at that time. I was among the first employees of a tiny little start-up company called Netscape. Like me, most Netscape employees came from Silicon Graphics at that point, and we had no idea what was in store for the world.

The Internet was mostly university documents at that time, and then newspapers putting their content online, and I remember thinking “Damn this is a cool way to earn $20.00 an I do not object to porn, but I do object to porn without an age disclaimer, warning, or other means to at least attempt to keep minors out hour”. Work at Netscape (which was still called Mozilla at that time) consisted of surfing. A lot. All day. Every day. I have seen it come to where we are now, with anything and everything available just by typing a word into a form box.

What started as a way to share information has now become a way to “earn” money. Everyone knows that the online porn industry generates billions of dollars of revenue per year, so who wouldn’t want a piece of that pie? Even Yahoo was accused of selling porn. While I do not have anything against porn itself, I disagree with the delivery method chosen by growing numbers of women. Nearly 75% of the sites I visited while writing this article had porn banners. You type a url and are taken to sites that have “classy” women spread eagle right in your face, plastered right on their front page, with no age disclaimer to be found anywhere on the owner’s site. Most did not start out that way. One site I used to visit was just a blog sort of site detailing this person’s dating life and it was entertaining and real. Simple and honest. Today, you are greeted by a woman with her fingers in her pussy, smiling at you, and inviting you to cum in her ass. Women are called cunts and sluts, and they say it like it’s a good thing. Another site used to be simple as well, mostly links to other sites, observations about life, and some neat pictures. Today, I counted 25 links to porn sites, of which 7 were XXX picture links. And half of the “content” was the pleading for me to click on the porn links and help pay for the site.

Ok, enough of the graphic references. This just shows how people are trying to be mainstream and yet profit off the porn industry. I am sorry but no matter who enjoys porn � even if George Bush surfs porn sites in between strategy meetings � it IS NOT I hate to break this to you, porn banners are NOT content mainstream. I do not object to porn, but I do object to porn without an age disclaimer, warning, or other means to keep minors out. Almost every porn industry Web site has an age disclaimer AND is rated with ICRA to help keep minors out. Yet how many supposed mainstream sites takes such measures? Almost none. I enjoy porn on my own terms, however I do not put it on my front page for some unknowing kid to come across. I realize they can find it easily enough on their own, but most Web sites are not even trying to be discreet about it anymore. The reason kids are so grown up nowadays is because we, as adults, encourage it. Twelve year-old girls looking and acting like Twenty year-old porn stars and seeking out attention from men at the mall is just not what they should be worried about. They should be concentrating on school and being kids, not acting like adults. Don’t they have enough to be worried about these days? Terrorism, shootings at their schools, anthrax being delivered to their house? Isn’t that enough?

We encourage it because we want money, plain and simple. If your visitor has to view an age disclaimer page, they might just leave so better to bombard them with naked women and hope to get that sixteen cents click-thru, right? How would you feel if your ten year old son or daughter came across this? We all KNOW how easy it is to have porn sites appear when innocently surfing. Please do not use the excuse that they are 1) old enough to know better or 2) they do not surf porn because you monitor them. I am all for “To each his own”, but now it is at the expense of anyone who happens to use a computer, whether they try to find porn or not. All for the buck. Is a dollar truly worth it?

Where are the sites run by women who will put up age disclaimers? Or going one step further, the sites that refuse to flock and toss up banners that degrade women, just for sixteen cents? So WHAT if the women in the pictures LOOK like they are enjoying it, they are doing it for the buck, NOT for you. They do not give a shit about YOU. Let me stipulate once more. I have no problem with porn, I have a problem with the delivery of it by women who think putting porn banners up will pay their rent. At the very least, please put an age disclaimer on your site. We all SAY we want our readers there because of the content, but I hate to break this to you, porn banners are NOT content. I have seen sites exchange content for porn and that was when I took them out of my favorites folder. Porn is not mainstream and we all know it. How would you feel about those banners if they had YOUR son or daughter in them?

All I am asking for is consideration. Put the age disclaimer on your site and let people make up their own minds. Maybe you don’t think your readers care, but they do. Maybe you don’t care and are only in it for the buck. Maybe your content is lacking and the only way to keep people coming back is by plastering your site with T&A. All I can say is, good luck because you are killing your traffic by numbing them. If your main focus is porn then take it to the porn arena and properly rate your site, but please quit trying to drag it into mainstream America.

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