The dance

Hi big studs out there. How was your month of love? I hope you got lots of it. I sure did. Mmmmm. Anyway, I’m glad to see most of you enjoyed last month’s poem. Kind of rocks my world.

Loving a woman can be the most terrifying thing to men. I know because I have heard men talk about not wanting to be “consumed”. Sometimes I feel like men think I’m going to eat them. Ha! Ha! And sometimes, I’d like to. I hear lots of people say how they don’t want a relationship right now because they want to focus on themselves. What that really means is, I want to be superficial for awhile and not get into anything deep enough to really get to know myself. That’s ok at times. We all need a break but let’s call it what it really is. There is probably nothing more enlightening to our souls than having an intimate relationship with another human being. If you think you haven’t any issues then you’re sure to get a reality check when you fall in love. It’s a trip isn’t it?

I have witnessed many people with each other that go to dinner and don’t even really speak much less smile anymore. They have settled. Never settle. We all hear those words and yet we don’t listen. There is such a high divorce rate it’s disgusting. Men and women try their best to not need each other so they don’t look weak which only leads them to people they will never really feel moved by. Men feel like they have to sleep around before they settle down, women feel if they haven’t gotten married by 30, they are lacking something. Can we compromise here? What if we tried something different with each other? What if we realized that men need women and women need men and instead of trying so hard to make it in life without each other we tried to make it in life at each other’s side. Don’t you think we are here together for a reason? I mean do you really think it’s going to matter at all when you die how much money you made and what kind of profession you had? Doesn’t that sound silly? I pray for a day when men can cherish women as beautiful goddesses that walk the planet instead of vampires trying to suck the life out of them. I pray for a day where women can get off their high horse and realize that men like feeling strong and doing things for us and it doesn’t make us weak. A relationship is a dance. It’s two people trying to find rhythm to a song. And the song is who they are and how they can fit together. Being a badasschick is knowing when to be strong and when to be delicate. Being a badassdude is knowing when to be strong and when to be vulnerable. Nothing will teach you this except your relationships. Not your car, your money, your good looks or your job. If you’re in a relationship with a woman that is difficult and just plain sucks then take it for what it is and learn what it’s throwing in your face. Listen for a different song and you will hear it.

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