Shaving your pie

In honor of Pi day, we’re going to discuss your Pie. If you’re female reading this article take a moment to undo your pants and look down. Are you wearing panties? If yes, check to see if your panties cover all of your pubes or if there is hair growing like a weed around them. If your crotch looks like Wolverine’s chest, quick, check the calendar. What year is it? If it says 1975 you’re okay. If it says 2014, it’s time to shave.

Trimming the hair on your pie is like trimming the hair on your head, the style should be flattering and suit your lifestyle. For instance if you are an on the go kind of girl who needs a low The lack of hair can heighten sexual sensations, especially oral sex. maintenance cut, you shouldn’t be shaving your pie bald. The bald look requires too much care. You need to have the time to do it right, or believe me you will suffer the consequences (razor burn, ingrown hairs and extreme discomfort during the regrowth). If you have the time and you prefer the bare box look, it does have it’s benefits. The lack of hair can heighten sexual sensations, especially oral sex. Also, men are more likely to lick something that wont leave things stuck in there teeth. In this and all other cases, trim with scissors first to make the job easier, and remember to always use a new sharp razor. Never use a disposable, they dull too quickly and leave unsightly bumps.

The shower is the best place to shave. A constant supply of warm water leave your pores open and makes it easy to wash away the unwanted hair. Don’t shave dry even if you’re an expert, because there is no place that hurts more when cut. After you have finished shaving and shaping, towel off and massage in some hand sanitizer. You can find this at just about any store. It’s high alcohol content helps reduce irritation and discomfort. Apply the same sanitizer as often as needed. If you like the mohawk, which seems to be a favorite among men, then try to keep your lips bare. The shorter the hair on your lips the better your sexual pleasure. The direct skin to skin contact is wonderful, and the clean trimmed look drives men crazy. If you’re a masochist who is looking for an alternative to the razor then go ahead and wax. If you’re not a masochist then I don’t suggest it.

If you have no preference then ask your man how he would like to see it, after all he’s the one who will looking at it. Sometimes men have fantasies about watching or helping, this could be your opportunity to fulfill those fantasies. Just be careful for God’s sake, and have fun.

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