Sara Lee Snack Cakes Review

 Sara Lee

In the absence of Hostess Twinkies my little eye spied the new Sara Lee Snack Cakes on the grocery store shelves. There was a variety of flavors so I picked two, Golden Fudge Cakes and Chocolate Crème Cupcakes. The packaging of the cakes was a little much. They come in a big, bright red box covered in plastic wrap. Maybe that’s why these cakes have a higher ticket price on them! Regular price for a box of 8 cakes is $3.99. Once you get through the wrapper you have a nice treat though!

The Golden Fudge Cakes consists of white cake covered in chocolate with a chocolate crème filling. Yum. The cake is moist and the chocolate on the outside is thick and creamy. I like the originality of this cake combination.

The Chocolate Crème Cupcake looks like all the other versions out there so I figured I would check it out. This chocolate cake was moist with plenty of thick crème filling. The icing on top has a fondant like texture with good chocolate flavor. Again, Yum.

Overall these cakes are very moist and hit the spot!

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