Review: Cookie Kahuna vs. Famous Amos

If you’re old enough to remember life before the Internet, you probably remember the original Famous Amos chocolate chip cookie. Wally Amos started selling his cookies in 1975 in small batches to specialty stores around the country. I remember buying the hand packed bags at my local Peaches Record Store in 1985.

A lot has changed since then. Wally fell on financial troubles and sold the company and its trademarked namesake to the Kellogg Company. Well, many years have passed and although Wally can’t use the “Famous Amos” brand to label his cookies, he can still bake them in small batches based off the original recipe that made him famous.

For those of you whose earliest memory is receiving AOL CDs in the mail, you probably only know the mass-produced “Famous Amos” cookie available today. However, you can still find the original recipe cookie at the Cookie Kahuna out of Hawaii, and here’s how it compares to Famous Amos.

Famous Amos (Left) vs. Cookie Kahuna (right)

Famous Amos (Left) vs. Cookie Kahuna (right)

Color and Texture
Cookie Kahuna cookies look fresh baked. They are golden brown, crispy, and feel like just a homemande cookie. Famous Amos are more manufactured feeling, super hard and broken chips, and a powdery texture.
Winner: Cookie Kahuna

Cookie Kahuna cookies taste like homemade: crispy, with a rich buttery and brown sugar taste. The chocolate chips are also high quality dark chocolate versus the Famous Amos standard chips. The Cookie Kahunas also feel like a homemade cookie in the way they crumble. It is obvious they are not mass produced.
Winner: Cookie Kahuna

Both Cookie Kahuna and Famous Amos share some ingredients, the chocolate chips, enriched flour and sugar. However, Cookie Kahuna also uses real butter versus Famous Amos’ Vegetable/Soybean oil, and also adds brown sugar which I think gives it the definitive flavor edge.
Winner: Cookie Kahuna

Price & Availability
Let’s face it. At $0.99 per 2oz bag and available at the local dollar store, Famous Amos is readily available now. Cookie Kahuna, on the other hand, needs to be ordered from Hawaii. And at $10.99 per 8oz bag it is 3-5 times the price (incl. shipping) of its counterpart not to mention the 3-7 days it takes to arrive (for those of us on the mainland).
Winner: Famous Amos

Overall Winner: Cookie Kahuna
Cookie Kahuna cookies beat out Famous Amos cookies in much more than just taste. Better ingredients, prepared in small, fresh batches produce a higher quality product overall. Yes they are expensive, but as a corporate or holiday gift they are sure to please. Quite frankly, cookies should be cherished and not just another pantry item for everyday fodder and boredom munching. Do yourself a favor and head on over to Cookie Kahuna and order a few bags for your next holiday. You’ll be glad you gave them a try.

UPDATE 12/10/2015: Cookie Kahuna has dropped their pricing to $8.99 per 8oz bag and currently has free shipping on orders over $50.

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