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The adult entertainment industry grosses more money per year than all other forms of mass media combined. Admittedly I’ve watched my share of adult fodder as well. If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a typical high budget adult video shoot. Here is one woman’s account.

I immediately knew that this “after hours” show was in fact a full fledged pornoThe following is an actual email from Blaze, an aspiring actress in Los Angeles, California, to her childhood friend, Jewel, in New York. Blaze has been doing bit-part and background work for TV, movies and video for about five years. It’s not an easy business to get into, but she’s willing to do what it takes to succeed. Who knew that from there she would end up in the sexy world of porn?

Dear Jewel,

First of all, I know it’s been ages, but I’m sitting here on a movie set with at least an hour before shooting and I thought I’d take the time to get you caught up. I really do a lot of waiting on movie sets, so it would seem like the perfect time to write you. I’ll just start with where I left off a few years ago.

Well, as you might suspect, I’m still doing extra work for various movies, TV shows, etc. But, I came across something that’s going to blow your mind. I was listening to the hotlines of one of my casting companies about 1.5 years ago and I came across a casting call for something that sounded different, interesting, and easy money. The message said an after-hours show — $54 cash for 2-3 hours, maybe some nudity. Cool, I thought, I can handle that. I called the casting agent, booked myself for the shoot and got the wardrobe and location info.

The night of the shoot, I arrived at the address that I was given by the casting agent. It was a personal residence which is very unlike any call I’ve had before. Because of my friendships with people in the adult entertainment industry, I immediately knew that this “after hours” show was in fact a full fledged porno. I parked my car and went in to check in with the contact person. I was then handed was a thick packet with information to be filled out, and a lot of places to initial and sign. At the same time I was asked for two forms of ID. After reading and signing where required in the pamphlet, I realized that, yes, it was indeed a hardcore adult movie.

Sitting around with other extras waiting for instructions from an Assistant Director, I struck up several conversations. One of the people whom I was talking to actually turned out to be one of the male porn stars in the movie. I asked a few questions as to who was in this particular movie to see if I knew of any of the actors or actresses. I’d heard of a few, but did not know any of them personally. He did, in fact, know all of the ones who I have had prior friendships with. As for the conversations with the other background people, none of them knew that this was an actual porno. None, including myself, knew what was actually in store for us to do as the background cast.

Finally, the time had come. We were instructed to enter this big room which was set up as a little saloon in the country. It had a small stage on one side, a couple of round tables with chairs in the middle, a bar set up with stools with fake liquor set up to look like a real bar. A man, whom I later came to find out was the director, placed us in seats or stools around the set. He asked me to sit at one table with a guy (whose name was Brad) and act like boyfriend and girlfriend (along with an older gentleman in his late 60s). All the other extras were placed at other tables, some paired some not.

After we all got settled where we were placed, the director then started explaining what to expect. He said that if anyone was easily offended, or did not particularly care to watch an actual sex scene take place in front of them, that they were welcome to leave. Nobody left. We were instructed to have reaction shots to what we were seeing as if it were happening for real.

Brad and I were instructed to act like we were very turned on, and the director told him to look like he was copping a feel of my breast.The actor and actress entered the set. She was dressed as a pretty, country singer; him as a bartender who was Satan. The scenario was that she was to perform a singing solo act at the bar, having no talent whatsoever. We, the background, were instructed to boo her and yell things like, “You suck!” “Get a Life!” or “Take it off!” etc. Discouraged, she gets off of the stage, heads for the bar, and confides to the bartender that she would sleep with the devil to advance her career. The bartender (being Satan, of course) has her sign a contract and off we were to the races!

I looked around to see the reactions of some of the other extras. The old man at our table was staring, jaw open, and a young couple at another table that were actually together were getting pretty gropey with each other. I also noticed another older couple who looked rather embarrassed and disgusted — not fully grasping what the director had told us was going to take place.

I was very intrigued at what was taking place. I also learned that when you are watching an adult movie in its DVD version you would never understand the actual “work” that it really takes to make that edited final cut that we so enjoy watching at home. Although the actors seemed to enjoy their work, there are a lot of pauses, different angles, versions, cuts and tremendous stamina that go into it. And if it is a feature, then there are actual storylines with dialogue to remember.

After what seemed like forever shooting this scene, and the director yelling loudly at various people, it was our turn for reaction shots. Brad and I were instructed to act like we were very turned on, and the director told him to look like he was copping a feel of my breast. Then he asked the girl of the young couple at the other table, if she would show her breasts and play with them. Shyly, but responsively, she did. Finally, the scene was over. It seemed like four hours but it was actually 2 and a half hours, only because we did not get a break in between cuts.

Daytime came and we were handed checks for $54 each. I remembered that the casting agent said cash, but I didn’t mind. I also noticed the girl who showed her breasts got $100 more. Hell, I would have done it had I known.

The next day, I called the casting company and asked how often they got those types of calls. They told me once a month. I told them that I would like to do the next one also. As soon as I heard it on the casting hotline again, I immediately booked myself.

This time the location was at a studio close to my house. My role was a sperm bank teller who was held hostage. The shot took all of a half an hour and I was paid $54. I did not have to see the sex scene, but, I did get to meet a few of the popular male adult stars this time! I also approached the director and his wife, gave them my cell number, and told them that I would be available every month if they wanted to call me directly.

Sure enough, the director’s wife called me for the next shoot. She asked if I would mind doing a nude scene, no sex, for $200. I asked my boyfriend and he said he didn’t mind, so I agreed to do it.

For this shoot, I was there for a grand total of two hours. I had my makeup and hair professionally done, and got a massage from a real masseuse on the set! Oddly, I was paid for being a naked shadow falling on top of one of the male stars in his dream. They needed a girl who was heavier for this scene and my being “voluptuous” fit the part perfectly. $200 for ten minutes shooting time, all you saw was my silhouette, and I was treated like a queen, not bad, huh?

Well, they’re calling us back for the next scene so I’ve got to go. Next chance I get, I’ll email you about what happened in the last movie! You’re gonna die!

Take care!


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