Size Does Matter

The old saying that size doesn’t matter was obviously invented by a very unfortunate man or a lying woman. Ask any experienced, truthful woman and she will tell you: size does matter. She may tell you that you’re “big” enough for her so your ego doesn’t go to the shredder, or you may already know that you’re well-endowed. And just because a man may have a huge penis doesn’t mean that any normal woman will find that pleasurable, either – maybe just fun to gawk at. But for those guys out there who aren’t so sure if they meet the average qualifications, read on.

The average hard penis ranges from five to seven inches in length and about one to one and a half inches in girth. Usually, the girth is what gives women the most pleasurethe size of a flaccid penis has nothing to do with the size of it when erect as it provides pressure against our clitoris and possibly our G-spot. Sorry, guys, but just because you know how to work the material doesn’t always mean it will be satisfying. It’s hard to say which is worse – a large, painful, horse penis, or a little, unfelt Vienna sausage – because neither are going to bring a woman pleasure.

One huge myth is that the size of a man’s hands, feet, fingers, or toes has something to do with the size of his main digit. Not true! Looking at an incredibly built, gorgeous hunk with large hands and feet, one would think that his pleasure tool would be proportionate to the rest of his body. Not True. The only thing that is proportionate is: the smaller the penis, the bigger the disappointment. Sometimes short or skinny guys are believed to have short penises, but to the contrary, many of us have found that they can be the most well-endowed.

Just because he is big and muscular doesn't necessarily mean he's hung like Kong.

Just because he is big and muscular doesn’t necessarily mean he’s hung like Kong.

Women don’t want a short, short man, and neither do we want an extremely large one. However, there are many horror stories about both. Some men, even extremely worked up and hard, are smaller than some of our tampons, our thumbs, and even our pinky fingers. That makes us think, “what’s the point?!!!”, and sometimes causes an abrupt end to a relationship. As for the large-membered men not only is it painful for us, but it’s a lack of pleasure for them as well since they cannot possibly enter all the way.

Additionally, the size of a flaccid penis has nothing to do with the size of it when the guy is aroused, so the first time you unzip those pants don’t be discouraged. Some guys have small, flaccid penises that enlarge to more than several times the size when erect. In the words of Hank Moody: “I’m a grower, not a show-er.”

There’s not a whole lot ladies can do about oversized and undersized penises. For the latter, toys for additional penetration and/or vibrating rings (to wrap around him) can make up for his lack of size. Also, if you haven’t yet tried it, he may also be the perfect candidate for your first backdoor experience. As for the former, the only thing I can say is ask him to only use a portion of his length with lots of lubrication and keep your fingernails pointed at his belly as a stopping guide for when he goes too deep.

When all is said and done, there’s one thing for sure: the majority of women will agree that average size is the best!

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