The Pickup

Those bad pickup lines out there are even worse when you direct them at your bartender!

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What’s your type?

What type of drunk are you?

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Scary Story

Bartending is a fun job, but there's another side that needs to be told.

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Bartenders and dating

Be sure to mind those beer goggles when falling for your bartender or bartendress

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Drinking Tips

Tips on how to avoid some of the pain that comes along with the consumption of alcohol.

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That prospective job sounds like a definite moneymaker, that isn't always the case.

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Don't be a bar-room rookie!

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Only dead-beats ask for free drinks.

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Can I buy you a drink?

In this day and age, accepting that drink could be a huge mistake.

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First Impressions

Some suggestions on dealing with the bartender at your favorite establishment.

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Foreign Bar Ettiquette

What I learned about bar etiquette in a foreign country.

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The “Little Things”

More simple little tips to make your night out fun and safe.

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It's not a city in China, but it is one of the least understood rules

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