Long-distance woes

Ok I’m not trying to brag, but I’m a nice guy. I know, I know. Everyone thinks they are nice, but this is my biggest problem. I have never really had any problems getting laid, but I can’t find someone to actually date to save my life. This is frustrating as hell! About a year ago I started dating a girl who lived out of state and then she decided not to be with me. I would take a girl out, and we would have a great time and then she would decide she likes some other guy more. Or the worst one ( of all time) is the “brother” situation. Everyone has had this. You find someone you really like. You think they really like you. Then out of no where you here them describe you like this: ” He is so great! He’s like my brother.” Or some other such nonsense! I guess I’m just in a rut, but damn this sucks. Any advice would be nice.


Dear Jason,
There are a couple of possible answers to this question, I would have to see you to know which one is correct.You say you have no problem getting laid which leads me to believe that you’re attractive. Women, just like men, think of people that they care about but don’t find physically attractive in a platonic way. But like I said before, if you’re having sex on a regular basis that probably isn’t the issue here. As far as the girl in the other state goes, those relationships rarely work out anyway, you can’t really take that too personally. But with the girls you are around regularly you have to ask yourself, are you flirtatious enough? Do you let them think of you in a sexual way, or do you allow them to place you in the friend zone? Are you confident enough, or do exude an unattractive insecurity. Feeling bad about yourself and trying way too hard can be a HUGE turn off. Don’t be cocky, but be secure in who you are and let them know that you are a good catch. We all go through a dry spell every once in a while. They never last forever.

The Chick
Be assertive. No one likes a whiney pussy. Girls say they like that sensitive thing but don’t believe them! Nothing turns a girl off more than a whiney crybaby always crying on their laps. This is a surefire way to become a brother. Also, overscompensating with rude and “joking” sexual comments is a definite no-no. Tell her how you really feel, maybe she feels the same. Chicks are screwy and like to use the “Brother” designation to throw you off their trail of really being in love with you. Worst case if you come clean? You’ll ruin your friendship. Oh well, life is short! Also … be a man. Don’t give the chicks the opportunity to think of you as anything else other than a studly sexual magnet.

The Dude

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