Life After Death?

I’ve always had an interest in death. I suppose it’s partially because I’ve always had an interest in the unknown and also because I am a bit of a rebel when it comes to religious beliefs. Or maybe all those people are right when they say I’m weird. Although there are many possible theories, I have a few of my own about the afterlife. I cannot say that my theories are concrete, since the more I learn, the more I change them. I definitely do and have always believed in an afterlife, but I am unsure of what it consists.

I can only hope that there is a heaven of some sort after death. I believe it’s probably like the earth, but more beautiful, pleasant, peaceful, and perfect. I hope that it is not just wishful thinking, or I will feel pretty freakin’ cheated!

I believe in ghosts and the supernatural. I believe in a God. But I don’t believe in the Devil. I am also convinced that if there is a hell, this is it. Where else do you see fires, demons, and endless suffering? Hell is reincarnating — having to come back to this place over and over again and having to live with the same people you hate. I feel limited in my actions while being “in the flesh” and feel sort of “trapped”, for lack of a better word. Time and aging go hand in hand, which is another flesh ripoff; you come into this world to sit in shitty diapers and you leave sitting in shitty diapers. Yes, good things happen in life and life is what you make of it, but being in the flesh is almost like a punishment — a hell.

I believe in ghosts and the supernatural. I believe in a god. But I don’t believe in the devil. To me, the devil is temptation itself, and the demons are the things that we in the flesh become addicted to. And where do you find the devil and his demons? Right here.

These are only my theories for the moment. I can never set my mind on something permanant when it comes to the unknown. I can only pull out my runes, tarot cards, or see a psychic to fortell my destiny.

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