Let him see pie

New studies show that a whopping 98 percent of men prefer not to be controlled and browbeaten. I know it’s a shocking statistic, but it’s true. Can you believe it ladies, all these years we were wrong? We thought they wanted us to change them and tell them what they could and couldn’t do. When in fact they want us to be supportive and trusting, and for some reason they want to be able to go out with the boys without getting a guilt trip. Who would have guessed?

Seriously though, Nothing makes a man want to run faster than trying to trap him nothing makes a man want to run faster than trying to trap him. Most of us know that instinctively, but there are quite a lot of self-conscious chicks out there who put unfair restrictions on their boyfriends. They’re too insecure to let their man enjoy the visual stimulation of another woman’s body. They don’t know how much better their relationship could be if they just let go of the leash. Men are used to women over reacting to their natural male urges. Be different, don’t nag him and he’ll think you’re the best thing since pizza and beer. Give him the freedom to visit the local strip clubs or go out to a bar with his friends. Let him watch porn, hell, watch it with him. I love a good skin flick as much as any man.

There is nothing wrong with him looking at other women or having fantasies about some one else; it’s human nature. Admit it, your head turns when you see a hard-bodied hottie walk by. Does that mean you don’t love your man? No, of course not, it just means you’re not dead. No matter how in love with someone you are, you will always find other people attractive. So, let him see pie, as long as he doesn’t touch it he’s not doing anything wrong. Hopefully he can be respectful about it in front of you. If he abuses the privilege and betrays your trust, than consider it a way to weed out the unworthy and dump his ass.

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