Just one glitch

I’m involved with a guy who I REALLY like! I’ve never felt this strongly so quickly about someone. There’s just one glitch… He’s still married. He and his wife have been separated for about six months and are dating other people but haven’t started the divorce process yet. When I asked him about it he said that they couldn’t afford it right now. He really treats me better than anyone else ever has, but should I get any more involved with him?

Sitting on a fence

Dear “Sitting on a Fence”,
Do you have room in your life for all of this guys luggage? From what I can gather, you should be concentrating on treating yourself better than anyone, not relying on others to feel good about yourself. This guy is trying to eat his cake and have it too. I would not toss a friendship over it, but keep it at just a friendship level until he decides he wants to be free of those extra suitcases he is dragging around.

The Chick
Dear Homewrecker,
Yeah yeah, that old line? We “Haven’t started the divorce process yet?” Face it, this guy is simply trying to cheat on his wife with you. There is no separation or pending divorce. One night you’ll see him across a crowded restaurant with his wife and two kids having a happy old time. Won’t THAT be awkward? And if it does happen, be sure to walk over and make a scene. Something classy, like maybe throwing a glass of champagne in his face. And if you know any French, then would be the time to speak it.

The Dude

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