How to write an erotic story

If you’re a prolific fiction writer, or just dabble here and there, chances are you’ve tried your hand at erotic story telling. If so, you’ve learned that it can be more difficult than it seems. What kind of adjectives should you use? How can you keep it interesting yet tasteful? Whether you’re trying your hand at your first erotic story or hundredth, we think these tips provide helpful advice.

Writing an erotic story doesn’t necessarily mean a story filled with nothing but sex. Of course it will have sexy scenes, but it also could simply arouse the reader by tempting with the anticipation of sex. Remember, the goal of an erotic story is to turn-on the reader.

In addition to the fine details and surprise, you need to give the reader a feel for what your characters are all about
If you read any good novel or short story there are erotic stories within them, scenes that lead up to sex. The key in writing a good erotic story is being original, clever, detailed, and caring about the characters. You can start by writing about what you picture when seeing someone you’re attracted to. If it’s an attractive woman, picture her body next to yours or even how she sits when she crosses her legs, perhaps catching a glimpse of her muscles as they tighten on her upper thighs. Write about the emotions you feel when she moves, fixes her hair, looks at you, and why you feel them. Don’t forget the other senses as well. Is her body soft when she pushes against you in the elevator, does her hair smell like roses or patchouly, when you kiss her is she wearing cherry flavored lip gloss or do you taste the pineapple life saver she has in her mouth? Creating a good erotic story is capturing these fine details and demonstrating how they turn you on.

Also, surprise is a good aspect in any kind of story. For example, “Jake’s boss Susan is showing him how to filter his emails at the computer. She leans up against him during her instruction, almost purposely rubs her large breasts repeatedly across his shoulder. When he runs into her at the elevator just as he’s leaving work, he’s caught off guard when she slips him a note simply saying ‘Tonight, 8:00PM, in MY office.'” Your story might just take off from this point.

In addition to the fine details and surprise, you need to give the reader a feel for what your characters are all about. Describe them in a few sentences, and this is the difficult part, you want to give the reader an idea of what your characters are like in a way that builds interest and curiosity. This helps to build arousal throughout the story like foreplay does during an intimate moment. The book Reel People: Finding Ourselves in the Movies is a very helpful tool specifically for this purpose.

A successful erotic story is one that arouses its audience. Take care of your characters and see that there are no unfullfilled or harsh let downs. You certainly don’t want to build your reader up only to let them down in the end. Most importantly have fun when writing your stories. Try writing one for your friend or spouse to see what they think of it. You can also submit your story to erotic story Web sites such as Lush Stories for more feedback. Try not to stress out or get too serious with your writing. Remember, if you have fun writing it will be evident in your story. It’s okay to make your reader laugh while turning them on.

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