How to kiss a bad ass chick

OK stud muffins, your on a date with a sexy, hot babe and it’s time for the good night kiss. If she gets out of the car and runs to the front door frantically searching for her keys, you can kiss your chances of seeing her again goodbye. But if she smiles and gives you that “take me you fool” look then we’re in business.

First of all a woman wants to feel like a sexy, delicate flower when a man has her in his arms. Don’t be a geek and fumble around with your hands in your pockets like you’re shy. We know that’s bullshit and it doesn’t turn us on. If you want to rock her world then grab her with a little strength around her waist with one arm and take your other hand and hold the back of her neck. That doesn’t mean rip the hair from the back of her head and squeeze her until she can’t breathe. Press your lips against hers with alot of passion. By that I mean do it like your a confident man and you know what your doing even if you don’t. Give her a few long kisses without tongue and breathe a little heavy through your nose. If she seems like she wants more, slip her the tongue. Don’t choke her with it but make sure she feels it. Swirl it around and as you pull back, suck a little on her lips. And don’t under any circumstances leave her with a ring of saliva around her mouth. If you see her wipe her lips off, you fucked up.

If all goes well and it’s a first date, leave her with that and try not to get an erection. Yeah, right? If it’s not your first date, give her a few sucks and kisses on her neck and grab her ass a little. A woman wants to feel like a woman know matter what size she is and hopefully you want to feel like a big strong man. Be deliberate but not forceful. Not yet anyway. A kiss says a lot about a person so don’t be an insecure wimp. Good luck!.

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