How to get stuff for free

There is a very subtle art to getting things for free from men without seeming like 1. A goldigger, 2. A bitch, or most importantly 3. Without giving it away for free. In fact, most guys will think you’re so great that they don’t even realize that you’re getting free stuff all the time. They’ll sing your praises and even tell their friends how great you are, thus, adding to your available pool of freebies.

Trust me, the more men you know the better. Everyone of them has some kind of connection. They’ll actually think your giving them something in return even though you’re not. I’m not talking about big stuff here, but those things that add up and simply drain your available funds that you would like to spend elsewhere, i.e. the …Guys will always do things for a chick they think is hot mall, or at the nail salon. Remember it’s important to keep up your badasschick image! Instead of having to decide between concert tickets or a new outfit wouldn’t you just like to spend the money on the outfit and get the tickets for free? It’s not as hard as it would seem to get free tickets to sporting events, concerts, festivals, or amusement parks as you would think. And think how little things like exterminating, manual labor, food and car repairs add up. And if you’re paying for drinks or beer chicks, you’re doing something wrong. Here’s a few simple ways to get you started down the road to freedom from petty expenses.

The two most vital ways to get things for free depend on your personality and appearance. Guys will always do things for a chick they think is hot, but the trick is to keep their interest and their giving potential for as long as you want it. Their initial response to you will always be based upon appearance so wear those short skirts, tight shorts, little tops, teeny bikinis and platforms. You might be freezing most of the time, but it will be worth it in the long run. If you have tattoos or piercings in revealing areas be sure to show them off. Remember, these guys will be giving you free stuff so keep them happy and let them stare.

Outfits are easy, but letting guys realize your personality rocks is an issue for some girls. Too many non-Blue-collar guys will be more likely to hook you up then the guy sitting in a cubicle all day badasschicks get caught up in being stuck up, prissy, and wayyyy too selective. This is a no-no to getting freebies. Never be rude to a guy that may seem a little crude. Blue-collar guys will be more likely to hook you up then the guy sitting in a cubicle all day. Listen to their crude jokes and sexual fantasies-it’s what their thinking about anyway when you think they’re listening to you talk about your ex- boyfriend and what an asshole he was. In fact, talk about sex whenever you can. Tell them that you would be up for a threesome if only the right guy came along. Tell them you think lesbians are great and even hint that you may have had a lesbian experience. Go on and on about oral sex, you love it, you have to do it all the time, and you looove to swallow! Tell them how you walk around the house naked all the time and that if there were only a nude beach close by you would go there all the time to avoid tan lines. Sympathize with them-yes, their girlfriend is an evil bitch, yes, they should be paid a $100,000 a year for sitting at the beach and drinking beer. Trust me ladies, guys will think you’re the best creation since beer, breast implants, and porn. Remember one important thing also; take care of the good guys who truly value your badasschickness. It doesn’t hurt to treat them every now and then also.

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