How to deal with a bitch with an attitude

If you’re going to be a BAD ASS CHICK you’re going to have to deal with a few bitches. If you’ve ever been in a bar with your girlfriends looking “hot” as BAD ASS CHICKS do, then you know what I’m talking about. They look you up and down and say things under their breath and most likely call you a slut to their male friends because you have a nice body and you show it. Just keep looking like your BAD ASS self and smile, smile, smile. Don’t even think about stooping to their pathetic level. BAD ASS CHICKS are secure. We don’t need to put other women down to feel good about ourselves. If you do, you’re not a BAD ASS CHICK and you shouldn’t be on this site.

If you want to put the bitch in her place, by all means, send her boyfriend a drink If you’re feeling a little feisty and you want to put the bitch in her place, by all means, send her boyfriend a drink. He’ll feel like a stud and she’ll be pissed. Sometimes revenge is soooo sweet but don’t waste too much time on these little girls. We have better things to do. Like men. Sometimes you get a woman who is a bit crazy. She wants to brawl. As a BAD ASS CHICK, you better know how to defend yourself. Can you say TAE KWON DO? If you don’t know martial arts, learn. Don’t expect your boyfriend to get you out of tough spots. Depend on yourself. That’s what being a BAD ASS CHICK is about. Learn it. Know it. Live it.

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