Holiday role playing

Every bad little girl loves the Holidays, this one included. It’s a time to let your dark side shine, your evil alter ego rule, and your costume heat up the bedroom. ‘Tis the season for candy, mistletoe, and naughty role-playing. This kinky kitten likes to be thrown face down on the floor and ravaged by the handsome next-door neighbor who can’­t take no for an answer (a.k.a. my sub in costume). Sometimes even mistress x gets tired of being in control. We all get bored with doing the same thing and same person day after day. As my friend always says “Show me the hottest woman in the world, and I’ll show you a guy who’­s tired of fucking her.” Lets just admit it, we all crave a little strange from time to time, but instead of cheating try some make believing. There couldn’t be a better time of year to do it. You should already have a costume, but if you don’­t they’­re easy to come by.

Laughing will ruin the whole experienceA change of partner, real or pretend, is the #1 way to cure a dying sex life, but it takes a certain kind of person pull of a role-play game. Laughing will ruin the whole experience. If you feel goofy about pretending to be someone or something you’­re not, get over it or the excitement will fizzle. You need to find a way to get yourself into character, and you need to be with someone who can do the same.

Start off by talking to each other about your dirtiest fantasies. Things you probably will never get the chance to do, because they are illegal or too hardcore. This could be the perfect opportunity to act out these desires without having to reap the consequences. If you’re too embarrassed to tell your partner what your darkest fantasy is then start off slow. Try out one of your tamer ones until you get more comfortable with each other. You don’­t want to scare him or her off by confessing too much, test the waters and feel one another out first. Just talking about these things that you think about while masturbating will help get the blood flowing. Take turns picking which one you want to act out. You may be surprised to find that you have a lot of the same desires.

Costumes really help get you in character. Dressing up can make you feel like a different person. They can also make you look like a different person, which your partner will love. Wigs are a big plus, but they’re just the icing on the cake. What is truly important is that you feel turned on by the idea of doing something kinky and new. Sex is very mental; if you’re hot before you get started it’­s easier to enjoy yourself during the act.

Here are a few ideas for you newbies: Let him deflower a cheerleader, he’­s your secretary looking for a raise and you’­re going to make him earn it. He’­s the naughty schoolboy and you’­re the teacher who is going to give him what he deserves or you are an innocent housewife in the shower confronted by a burglar. The dirtier the better. Good luck and good fucking.

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