Have you GOT what’s HOT?

I asked you, the Badass faithful, what you considered to be the most attractive attributes about the opposite sex — mental or physical. I received many responses from all over the world, as well as from people here in Los Angeles, California (where the term “Hot” was invented).

However, I did not stop there. I also asked you what your perception was of what the Women seem to consider it to be very important that the man that they’re with know how to temper tenderness with just the right amount of masculinity opposite sex considered to be the most attractive attributes that they looked for in a mate. That, my friends, yielded some pretty interesting comparisons. Try making your own lists and compare them to the results which I am now sharing with you below:

Starting with women: Women that responded to my inquiries were extremely specific in their answers. It was kind of tough to get any sort of consensus on any one quality. However, the one attribute that stood out would have to be Sense of Humor. It was mentioned the most often and was in the top Two when listed. This means that it is of a higher priority to more women than not. Sense of Humor can mean many different things: The ability to appreciate a joke, even when it’s on one’s self, to be able to fathom a joke without explanation, or even having the ability to handle a difficult situation without taking it too seriously. Compassion and Self-Confidence came in as a very close Second and Third and were relatively equal in how women prioritized them. Physical Strength and Masculinity were tied for Fourth on the list. Women seem to consider it to be very important that the man that they’re with know how to temper tenderness with just the right amount of masculinity. This would seem to be a tough formula to meet these days — given the emasculating feminist movement. But hey, hope springs eternal. And finally Intelligence was the Number Five. That one speaks for itself. The remaining attributes that were mentioned more than once are as follows in descending order: Emotional Stability, Physical Appearance, Sexual Prowess and Financial Stability.

When asked what they thought women considered to be the most attractive attributes when looking for a mate, the men responded as follows: Physical Appearance turned out to be Number One in the frequency mentioned and the highest priority on the list more often than not. Not only in general, but they even went so far as to cite specific body parts. Some women were specific, but not nearly as much as the men in mentioning physical attributes. Personality came in as distant Second without going into different aspects of personality, whereas women’s responses regarding personality were more detailed. Financial Stability came in Third, but is still remarkable because it did not make the top Five on the women’s list above. Sense of Humor came in Fourth. The Fifth and final is interesting because it was mentioned specifically exactly as I’m going to present it here: Bad Boy. I am guessing that men seem to be programmed to think that women are looking for guys that have an element of danger about them, a challenge if you will. I hope that this is not the case, there are way too many really cool nice guys out there. This is where the tempering compassion with masculinity comes into play. The remaining attributes that were mentioned more than once are as follows in descending order: Masculinity, Self-Confidence, Sexual Prowess and Intelligence. That last one just barely made it….what does that tell you? Read on.

When men were asked what attributes they considered to be most attractive in the opposite sex, this is what resulted: Running neck and neck for top of the list were Sense of Humor and Intelligence. After tallying my results on this survey (and subsequently picking my jaw off of the floor), I was quite pleased with these two. I have a restored faith in you guys! However, boys will be boys — Physical Appearance came in as a really strong Second. Not only that, but specific attributes were listed. A sampling in descending order: Face, Butt, Hair, Body, Breasts, Eyes, Smile, Legs and Lips. Personality came in at Number Three. Men were somewhat specific, but what stood out is that they like to be with a woman that is “Down to Earth.” Someone that they can take to a formal party one night and take to a Monster Truck Rally the next. Number Four was a toss-up between Self-Confidence and Independence. Most men voiced a strong preference in terms of how a woman carries herself and maintains a life outside the relationship rather than making him the center of the Universe. Hear that girls? And finally, Sexual Prowess made it in at Number Five. The remaining attribute that was mentioned more than once, but didn’t make the top Five was Trustworthiness, Most guys are just tired of the runaround. In all honesty, I thought I’d get more physical attribute answers from the guys, but I was pleasantly surprised at the balance there.

When asked what they thought men considered to be the most attractive attributes when looking for a mate, the women responded as follows: Number One on the list was Intelligence. We have a match, folks! There is hope in the world! Coming in Second was Sense of Humor which is pretty close to the men’s list above. Sense of Humor is prominent in all four scenarios — this speaks volumes in terms of what the two genders have in common. Number Three was Physical Appearance. Some specific body parts were mentioned, but the ones that stood out were Breasts, Butt, Legs and Eyes. Self-Confidence was a distant Fourth with Personality finishing up the list at Number Five. It would appear that women have a certain level of confidence in terms of the male gender not looking solely for physical attributes. That’s encouraging.

Well, there you have it! How did you rate? I would like to thank all of you who participated in this survey. I appreciate the thought and effort that went into supplying me with your answers as well as expatiating on those answers. I hope that you’ve found the results and commentary to be amusing if not enlightening.

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