Great gifts for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day, be prepared for lots of loving by following our advice and getting her the goods she really wants and deserves. (Don’t worry ladies. There are a few gifts mentioned to get for your guy but we are already good at gift selection aren’t we:)

Get her something sexy and erotic of her own to read besides your used copy of Playboy. Both of you will benefit when she gets all worked up reading these selections that make Harlequin seem like kidstuff.

Gift certificates
for both a manicure AND a pedicure from a reputable establishment, preferably one she already visits.

A bath-themed basket
with scented bath oils, a fabric covered bath pillow (Essential to be covered with fabric as the plastic ones are not as comfy!) red candles, and a waterproof book of erotica:) Aqua Erotica: 18 Stories for a Steamy Bath And be sure to include some sexy red lingerie for her to slip into after her bath!

Picture frames
are always a welcome gift, but don’t get any that are “too cute”. Little fluffy bears and Hello Kitty are for kids, not your lover. (Unless she/he is into fluffy:) Frames can be found just about anywhere, and come in all kinds of textures and shapes.

is great but be careful with this gift. Women are pretty particular about how they smell. We like what we own. If you are clueless and don’t know what kind she wears, sneak a peek at her dresser and see what’s there. No rummaging through our purses no matter how good your intentions are. If you don’t get caught, you will be thinking “bravo”. If you do, prepare to sleep in the doghouse, alone. If you still have no clue, ask.

A card
is an absolute MUST. An “e-card” is cute, but if that is the only card you send, you will be sleeping in the doghouse, alone. And flowers are generally an anticipated gift I imagine but don’t feel you need to spend $75.00 on roses. As long as they are fresh and colorful and not something she is allergic to, she’ll be happy:)

I think I can safely say, we all like jewelry. This is another item to be careful with though. Know your woman’s taste and do not assume that because the salesperson recommends it or it looks good on that blonde over there, that your lady will like it. I personally do not care for gold or turquoise, so a gift of one of these would make me feel uncomfortable because I would feel I am expected to love it and wear it. Look at what she owns and go from there.

It seems Valentine’s Day is really geared towards women being the recipient of gifts but ladies, please don’t forget your guy. Guys are generally pretty happy with gifts as long as you are not trying to change their tastes. For example, do not get them “While You Were Sleeping” on DVD. Get “The Matrix”. Get them things they like.

All in all, some great ideas. Be creative, thoughtful and spend more than ten minutes on Valentine’s Day scrambling for something. Leave the last-minute gifts for Christmas and go the extra mile this holiday. Ensure that YOU won’t be sleeping in the doghouse this Valentine’s Day.

Kim  See all posts by Kim
is a Lifestyle and Weight Loss Management Specialist and Food Psychology Coach who loves to ride motorcycles.
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