Giving it away

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were going farther than you wanted to go out of a sense of obligation? For example, say you’re hanging out with a male friend that you find mildly attractive and he begins to kiss you. You let him because you think he’s kind of cute and you’ve always Sex rocks my world, I love doing it, I love watching it and I love thinking about itwondered what it would be like to kiss him. Then after exchanging saliva for a couple of seconds, he starts going ape shit like he hasn’t been laid since 1984. His hands wander everywhere and you can feel a little something popping up down below. Under normal circumstances, like a first date, it would be easy to tell the guy to stop drooling all over you. However, this is your friend and you kind of feel sorry for the poor clueless little guy, so you let him grope you for a minute or two. I’ve met several women who have been in this situation and most of them end up sleeping with or going down on their friend because they feel guilty for getting him all worked up. Well ladies, it’s time for us to stop feeling like we have to put out just because some poor fools don’t realize a tongue in the mouth isn’t a green light for his cock in your pussy.

Sex rocks my world, I love doing it, I love watching it and I love thinking about it, but giving it away as if it were nothing special can only cheapen the experience. Unfortunately, there have been far too many notches added to my bed post out of a sense of pity or guilt. Sometimes I think that we’re so afraid of being seen as teases that we turn ourselves into whores. It’s our body and we should never give it to someone else unless we really want to. I know it’s a bit cliche, but that’s my rant for the month. Don’t have sex with him unless you really want to. If you only sleep with him because you feel like you lead him on then you will undoubtedly regret it.

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