Gifts that rock your woman’s world

Ok guys, listen up and listen good. I’ve been talking with some Bad Ass Chicks and we have put together some tips for you to help you pick out that perfect something for the BAC in your life.

LOVE. We love to be loved. Cuddle with us, make love more than usual and tell us how beautiful we are.

LINGERIE. We can’t own enough. This is a gift that benefits both of us. Victoria’s Secret is great and they even have a credit card called the “Angel” card. And hey, you get to go in a store that has a bunch of sexy women trying on lingerie. And while we’re on the subject, how about giving us the card for Christmas and a monthly spending limit? It will increase our sex drive.

JEWELRY. If it sparkles, we usually like it. No, not just diamonds. We like pretty beaded things and new shiny belly rings too.

SPA. A day at the spa would be nice. This could benefit you too. If it’s a PMS moment you can say, “Hey honey, why don’t you use that gift certificate at the spa I got you.” We love to be pampered.

A WEEKEND GETAWAY. Get a hotel somewhere we both haven’t been. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. Just quiet and secluded. Take us to dinner and make love to us all day and all night. Over and over and over.

A SHOPPING SPREE. When we need to feel beautiful, some of us like to go get a new outfit. Yeah, it’s shallow but sometimes it really helps. Gift certificates are great! They even have mall ones at the information booths that you can get and we can shop in any store we want! This benefits you too. Less time at the mall.

ORNAMENT. It’s mushy but we like it. Yes, you’re dating a woman. We like to have a special ornament on the tree to remind us of our Christmas together. Awwww.

SURPRISE. Listen to us when we speak. There’s a concept. Wow, yeah, we really do give you hints on what we want. Unless you want a hearing aid next year, get us something we say in passing that we wished we had.

SMELLY STUFF. We love things that smell good. Perfume, candles, oils, soaps, bath gel, you.

KAMA SUTRA LOVE PAC. If you can find this your a hell of a man. It comes with all sorts of things that you get to use on us! See, we’re thinking of you too.

I could go on and on but hopefully this gives you some insight on the gifts we like. I know there are some creative men out there and we at BAC would like to hear about the gifts you’re getting your woman to ROCK her world. Good luck.

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