Well my boyfriend always teases me about eating my pie… but he never actually does.. I think he’s only done it 4 times during the whole 7 months we’ve been together, and I’ve given him alot of blowjobs and we’ve had sex alot… he’s found my gspot and stimuated my clit but he never goes down on me…. he says I smell good, and I taste good…and he teases me with it alot…and I haven’t been able to get it out of my head, so whats wrong? do you know what I can do?


Dear Frustrated,
First of all, why a guy wouldn’t want to go down on his girlfriend is beyond me! Although I have heard that for some men … it’s just not their thing. But there might be a few things holding him back. He may feel that his skills just aren’t up to par when it comes to eating pie. If that’s the case then reassure him while he’s doing it … a few sexy moans and some “oh yeahs” ought to do the trick. If that doesn’t work then only give him blow jobs when you are in the 69 position. That way you get yours while he’s getting his. Also make sure you are showered … like just showered … NOT 10 hours ago! And do you shave? If not maybe you should. He might like that and you might too. Let him shave it for you. Anything to get his face down there! You can also try dusting yourself with powered sugar after you shower. Don’t tell him … just let him think that you taste awesome! Finally, be more direct … climb up and sit on his face. If he still refuses to eat it then accept the fact that he doesn’t like pie, never has and probably never will. And for this Bad Ass Chick that would definitely be a deal breaker. Time to move on and find someone who enjoys having a slice!

The Chick
Well well well,
He teases you, eh? Let me ask you this … how many times do you blow him? I’d start teasing him back! I really don’t understand a lot of men, I I hear this sort of thing from a lot of women, and I just don’t get it. Are men these days just flat out wimps? Or maybe they don’t know how to eat pie. Maybe a discreet hint “liked” on your Facebook timeline can help.

The Dude

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