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If you like working long hours, eating food that’s really bad for you, being herded like cattle, and waiting for countless hours, you may want to consider doing “extra” work for TV and film.

On the other hand, if you like meeting new people, being in front of the camera, the The ones that you’d think would walk around with their noses in the air turned out to be the nicest of all. ambience of a shooting set, going on location, and doing nothing but reading, playing cards or backgammon, eating food that someone else has paid for or meeting celebrities, then you may want to consider doing “extra” work for TV and Film

Back in 1990, a girlfriend of mine was doing hair for a then-unknown show called “Beverly Hills, 90210.” It was the first season of shooting and they hadn’t even aired the first episode yet. She asked me if I would like to do some extra work and make a little bread at the same time…..I was intrigued, being new to L.A. at the time. So I agreed to do it.

Well, I gotta tell ya. It’s a lot of waiting around. You shoot for fifteen minutes and then you sit around for about four hours……it’s even worse on location. But the people you meet are all aspiring actors with really interesting stories to tell, whether they be acting jobs in chicken suits — or how their grandmother in Rhode Island is the State Bowling Champion bowler for her age group at 78.

And then there are the celebrities. Quite a mixed bowl there. The ones that you’d think would walk around with their noses in the air turned out to be the nicest of all. Shannon Doherty, being the veteran actor of the group, was giving herself a stiff neck from having that nose up in the air all the time. Carol Potter, who played her mother, was even worse ( I was so glad when she got axed from the show!) Gabrielle Carteris was definitely nice. But what surprised me the most was Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling. Now, my friend, who did hair for the show, introduced me to everyone during a meal break. And both Jennie and Tori got up and shook my hand and talked to me for awhile. I was very impressed.

Well, the guys are a different story……they were all goofy. Always kidding around on the set. It’s funny that since I was married at the time, I didn’t recognize it. But now, in hindsight, I think Luke Perry was flirting with me…..hmmmm.

Well, when the episode finally aired, I got my first national debut on national television. It was out of focus because I was in the background, but you can tell it’s me. I was secretly gloating because I had made it on national TV before my future-ex husband — and he was an aspiring actor!

Well, that show had a nice long run and now it’s off the air. But I still look for myself on the reruns on FX. And I think about what a terrific experience I had. Gave me a whole new insight. I’ve been on TV and movie sets since, but only as an observer. And like so many things, it’s never like the first time.

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