Drinking too much … is it getting old yet?

It’s 7:00 a.m. I stumble out of bed with a massive headache and head to the toilet. On the way I bump into the wall because I’m still drunk from the night before. Oh, and did I mention that I have tequilla breath? Sound attractive? I didn’t think so. Ok, so maybe you don’t drink tequilla, but I’m sure you’ve had a morning like this at least once in your life. If it’s a few times a week then guess what? You are not springing forward.

Lots of partying can be fun but too much can be really draining

It can be easy to get into the partying scene and very difficult to get out. All of your friends do it and it becomes a way of life. I’ve been the young 19 year old with the fake ID getting cocked every night with my girlfriend until we both puked. I’ve been the waitress who smokes cigs and drinks every night after work. Now I’m the single, 30 year old woman who goes out every weekend with a group of friends to bars.

Hmmmm, maybe I should own a liquor store. Ok, here’s the deal. Partying makes you old fast. It also brings up emotions in your body and your soul. Yet it can numb you. For a moment anyway. If you do it all the time it can really depress you. I mean, have you ever seen someone really drunk? It’s so unattractive. The energy of it doesn’t feel good. You can see it in their eyes and face. Have you ever been the one who is really drunk and you are cracking up, feeling really happy and having the “best” time of your life? Have you ever woke up and said, “never again”, only to do it again the next weeked? The amount of smoking and drinking a day in the world must be amazing. Think of all the cig butts that cover the earth every day.

I’ve had some of the best moments on drugs. I’ve also had some of the worst. I realize that many women and men are just trying to get out to meet each other. But maybe we could try a different scene. Lots of partying can be fun, but too much can be really draining. If you can relate to what I’m saying, then maybe you should try another hobby. I feel in my heart that the people I really want to hang with are the people I like when we’re not wasted. I know it can seem so hard to try new things. But just start with something that you are interested in. Something that you’ve wondered about. Take a class somewhere. It could be an art class or yoga or nutrition, sculpting, beading, belly dancing, martial arts, whatever. Feed your soul with something creative. I buy canvas by the yard and nail it to my kitchen wall and I paint. It’s awesome! Going to the book store is fun too. You can look up anything you want to know about. Not to mention listen to great music.

Maybe if we all started really doing things in our interest instead of planning to while we’re partying, we’d be a much happier and healthier planet. Maybe we would meet people we really click with in those places where our soul brings us. I’m starting yoga this week with a group of friends. We’re all wanting to do something together besides getting drunk. Ha. Ha.

So, you guys have homework this month. Do something different. It could be something you’ve been putting off or feel like you have no time for or whatever your damn excuse is. Get off your lazy ass and be a doer. No more talking about it. Blah, blah, blah. LIVE!!!

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