Do we really peak at 30?

I have come to the conclusion that I am one horny bitch. I can’t believe that I really have 5 years to go until my sexual peak. That can’t possibly be true. My entire life I’ve been hearing and reading about this magical sexual awakening that is supposed to happen in my early thirties. I wondered how much of this cliche was fact and how much of it was fiction. So I set out to find the answers by harassing every woman I know that is over the age of thirty. Here are some of the answers I received to the question: “Do you really hit your sexual peak when you turn thirty?”

“I don’t think I’ve hit mine yet. I seem to get hornier every year.”
Melissa (Web designer)
“The older I got, the more comfortable I became with my sexuality. I definitely think I hit my the peak in my thirties.”
Kari (school teacher)
“That’s an awfully personal question. I don’t really think that’s any of your business.”
Doris (the 65 year old accountant at work)
“I just had my thirtieth birthday, and let me tell you “I can’t get laid enough.”
Sue (massage therapist)
“When I was younger I always enjoyed sex, but I felt a little inhibited. Now I just let go and do whatever I want. The sex is so much better now. ”
Christy (Saleswoman)
“Yeah, I guess so.” -a stranger at a bar (gives me a funny look. I get the impression she thinks that I want to pick her up) “Every year my appetite for sex grows. I don’t think my peak was thirty, I think thirty-three was a much better year. Hell, so far thirty-five isn’t bad either”
Sherry (administrative assistant)
“I guess that depends on your definition of peak. I was my horniest in my twenties, but I’ve been enjoying the sex a lot more since I turned thirty. Maybe it has something to do with finally knowing what I want and not wasting my time with holding back.”
Sarah (personal trainer)

Every woman that I spoke with said that their sexual desires or their physical pleasure increased with age. I don’t know how much of this phenomenon is biological and how much of it is mental. I don’t really care. All I can say is that I can’t wait to turn thirty.

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