Cocky doesn’t necessarily mean "cocky"

Ladies if you haven’t dated one of these little pricks then consider yourself either really smart or really lucky. Unfortunately, I have had two too many of these assholes in my life. The first time I was only 18 and I didn’t know shit. The second time I was on the rebound and decided to overlook my first impression. Which by the way was “HUGE EGO”. If I can shed some light on this subject and help you dump the arrogant jerk you’re with or help you avoid getting involved with one, then justice has been done.

It isn’t hard to pick one of these guys out in a crowd because he’ll be the one who … next time you see a man that is arrogant and “cocky”, he’s probably making up for the slack between his legs, walks in a room like he’s a big stud thinking, “Ok ladies, I’m here, start creaming”. If you feel good about yourself and you’re not on the rebound then most likely he won’t pick you anyway. He likes to pick wounded birds so he can feel like a man and when things go wrong he can say how he always gets women with baggage. And even if he does pick you and you decide to date him for some unknown reason he won’t be able to keep you around anyway because you’ll make him feel way too insecure.

If you spot a guy like this I want you to imagine him carrying a huge bag of shit on his back. Trust me. It’s there. You may not see it, but looks can be deceiving. Then imagine him dumping it all over you because he will. Everything will be all your fault because he doesn’t have any. Wow, a perfect human being! Aren’t you lucky to have been blessed by his presence. I don’t fucking think so.

Now, let’s say you are involved with “EGO MAN”. Hmmmm, what kind of traits does he have? First of all, he’s very shallow. He doesn’t even know it. He really thinks he’s a great guy on the surface. But inside he knows he doesn’t really have much to offer except his looks. Most of them aren’t even good in bed because it’s all about them. If you don’t orgasm enough he’ll make it out to be something wrong with you. I actually had a guy like this tell me while having sex with me that the other girls he slept with had 3 orgasms. I just thought to myself, “why, not only is your dick small but you’re not even good at using it”. They must have been really hard up, faking it, or he was really full of shit. These guys also can’t handle you getting any attention from other men. If you look too hot when you go out he’ll blame you for flirting or dressing up to impress other guys. Again, it’s all you. Basically, if you’re not kissing his ass 24 7 then you will be doing something wrong. Last, he will usually get really angry whenever his ego gets bruised and most likely he’ll be mean during this time to bring you down with him so he can again, feel like a big strong man. Control is the key with these guys. They have to be in control at all times.

Otherwise, their issues may come up. If you’re in a relationship and you feel like everything you do is wrong then either you’re right or someone is dumping that stinky ass bag all over you. The best thing to do is ask your friends. My friends have always been right. Every time. It’s very hard to see things clearly sometimes when you’re involved with someone. But most of all, listen to yourself. If you feel like yourself esteem is dropping by the second then you need to take some responsibility and get out. Yeah, he may be really nice and loving at times but so are wife beaters. That’s how they keep you hooked. A relationship should enhance your self esteem even more. Your spirit should soar. If it doesn’t it’s ok. We all make mistakes. We all get involved at times with someone we shouldn’t whether it’s friends, coworkers, or a mate. But it’s up to you to take care of yourself. You see, everything is very simple to these guys. Or I should say again, SHALLOW. You won’t be able to have any problems like the rest of the world because he doesn’t think he has any. He’ll say how confident and secure he is but he’s the one who can’t be alone. He will always be dating someone, stringing someone along or have an ex on the back burner. Being alone gives him too much time to be with himself. And he sucks! His friends won’t have a clue. Most of them will think he’s a stud. But we know better now don’t we ladies? Remember next time you see a man that is arrogant and “cocky”, he’s probably making up for the slack between his legs. In closing I hope this article helps a woman get the Hell out of a very destructive relationship. And for the rest of you, I hope you get a good laugh!

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