Can’t find a man

I am an attractive 27 year old female. I am considered to be a pretty good catch and always have men hitting on me. My problem is that I cannot find a man that I am attracted to. Sometimes I find myself attracted to emotionally unavailable men. I never thought I would be “that girl” … How do I change this pattern? I am tired of this.

Please help.


Dear Vanessa,
I can totally understand your problem. I’m sure a lot of women can. I think that the problem may be where you are meeting these men. If you are out in a club men are going to hit on you. They’ll hit on anyone and everyone until someone caves. It’s a numbers game. Anyway, they probably are attractive hot young studs but they really don’t want a relationship that lasts longer than the weekend. Go out and have fun and leave it at that. Try meeting men in other places. Maybe where you would least expect it. Check into what’s going on in the city where you live. Maybe you have a friend or coworker that can introduce you to someone. Try to find someone genuine. If he starts off with a bunch of smooth lines chances are he’s said it a million times so watch out! Good luck!

The Chick
Dear Superficial “That Girl”,
All you mentioned about yourself is that you are pretty. How about that attitude? Are you open minded and fun? Or are you one of those jaded 27 year-olds who has been screwed over time-and-time-again and enters each relationship expecting it to fail? You’ve also got to ask yourself what it is that you find attractive in a man. Once you successfully define your expectations, narrowing down the prospects will be second nature. Or you’ll never find the impossibly perfect Adonis you’ve managed to concoct.

The Dude

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