Can I buy you a drink?

At some point in time, I think that all of us bar goers, male and female, have been presented with this question. All and all, it’s taken as a nice gesture, even flattering. But, in this day and age, accepting that drink could be a huge mistake.

In the past few years, being “slipped a Mickey” has become an epidemic. The drug of choice: Rohypnal, more commonly known as “Roofies,” or the “Date Rape” drug. Even though this drug is neither produced nor prescribed in the United States, it can be easily obtained in Mexico. It is considered to have no legitimate medical use. A two-milligram dose can put its victim in a uninhibited state, leaving one with only amnesia.

Now, you probably think this won’t ever happen to you — trust me, it can. In the past few years I’ve had quite a few instances in my work place, as recently as three weeks ago. One instance, for example, a girl woke up the following morning, in her car, which was still parked in the parking structure, with her clothes still on — but not completely. She had no clue what happened to her the previous night. In another instance, a girl woke up in jail. She had gotten a DUI the night before and didn’t remember — she didn’t even remember leaving the bar! She had only ordered two beers throughout the course of the evening so we couldn’t figure out what had happened. As certain employees were informed of the situation, little bits and pieces began falling into place. She had befriended a gentleman sitting next to her and eventually helped him finish his pitcher of beer. I can go on with several other instances, but hopefully you get the point.

All that being said, let me offer up some tips on how to keep this from happening to you. First of all, try to keep yourself surrounded by people you trust while out in a bar. If a drink is sent to you from a stranger, my advice is don’t touch it. If a stranger offers to buy you a drink and you want to accept, go to the bar with that person, order it yourself, and watch as the bartender makes it. Also, keep in mind as there are bad seeds in every profession, a bartender can also be a predator. Although it’s uncommon, there’s always a chance. If you’re out with friends and one of them begins exhibiting strange behavior, don’t leave that person alone until you know that they are in a safe place. And under NO circumstances, let them leave with any newfound “friends.”

Going out should be a fun thing and it’s a sad truth that these evenings of fun can turn into something horrible. Just be cautious, it’s better than being raped.

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