Beginning to change

January first and it is time for another resolution. It is time to break that bad habit that has been nagging us, or to start doing something that we should have done a long time ago. In essence, it’s time for a new beginning.

Why do we have to wait until a new year to give it another go? There isn’t a law that says New Year’s Day is the only day we can start to change

We spend our year living with that little annoying habit and we know we should probably stop it. Or we realize that there is something missing from our lives and we need to start doing something to add to it. Either way it’s time to start over. It is time to rid ourselves of what we do not like.

Every year it is the same. We see that new year as a chance to start over, a chance to change something we do not particularly like in ourselves. We start out so well. Gung ho about our new life, meeting the challenge head on and nothing is going to stop us. And then January second comes around.

All right, maybe it’s not quite that bad, but it is close. All our good intentions and almost nothing ever comes of it. And it usually is just the smallest slip up that makes us decide to cancel our resolution completely. We throw in the towel because we feel we have failed and it does not make sense to try again. We beat ourselves up so badly for the slight failure that we don’t have enough strength to start again.

However, why do we have to wait until a new year to give it another go? There isn’t a law that says New Year’s Day is the only day we can start to change. If you break that resolution there is no reason you cannot start again the next week, or the next day, or even in the next hour.

We wait until New Years because it gives us a sense of a fresh start, but it is a false sense? Generally, our resolutions are choices we make to improve ourselves. Choices we make that will make our lives better and more satisfying. For something as important as this, why concentrate on it once a year? Why wait an entire year to start changing? There are another three hundred and sixty four days left. Choose one of them.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the desire to wait until New Years to start the year anew. It gives you a feeling of a clean slate, not to mention it gives you a few more days to indulge in that little temptation. However waiting until New Years is not going to ensure that you keep it.

Start when you feel it is time for a change. Because unless you are ready to start your new life, nothing is going to change. You will fall back on old habits and continue walking in the path that you were trying so hard to get out of.

The next time you decide that it’s time to give up smoking, try a new exercise routine, or learn to be more assertive, do it. Don’t wait until the perfect day, because the perfect day may never come. It is an old cliche, but the time for change is now. The time to start your new life is as soon as you realize you need to change. Not on New Years, not on Monday and not in a month or so.

Start when you feel ready. Begin when you know what you want. Waiting to start over only makes it that much harder.

I know most of you have probably already made your resolutions this year. And I am not saying that this is bad thing. However, if you do slip up, don’t fall back into the same habits. Try again. Doing what you said you wouldn’t (or not doing what you said you would) isn’t necessarily breaking your resolution. Just bending it a bit. Falling back on your resolution does not necessarily mean complete failure. Consider it a pothole on the road of change. And when you hit that hole, get up and try again. There is no need to wait until next year to try again. Begin to change now and start being exactly who you want to be.

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is a mother, a writer, a gamer and a thespian, and holds a degree in history and psychology.
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