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What makes us tick? Would the same combination work for the very rich, the middle class, and the very poor? Maybe not. But a common question might help reach out to as large a segment as possible. The question: What are the basic needs of a human being? I would say survival, safety, love, self-esteem and spirituality. Cardinal rules of success’.

Begin With YourselfAs an individual, worry about nurturing your relationships and not about the bigger picture. If we were to nurture our own personality and immediate environment, we Can playing golf in a fancy club enhance our self-esteem? No, self-esteem comes with faith in one’s abilities and by fulfilling one’s potential would succeed in avoiding unnecessary conflict. The question is: How?

Ensure that your thoughts and actions are not unjust towards your family, colleagues, and those you interact with. Do not criticize, condemn, or complain. Refrain from being manipulative, indifferent, playing the victim, or being confrontational.

If each of us can create a state of awakened self-awareness, it would be a huge step forward. The basic principle of life: The only person one can change is oneself. Make this your New Year’s resolution for 2002.

Develop True Self-esteemDeveloping self-esteem has emerged as a major issue for the modern generation. So many of us equate it with status symbols. Can playing golf in a fancy club enhance our self-esteem? No, self-esteem comes with faith in one’s abilities and by fulfilling one’s potential.

Harnessing one’s creativity, developing empathy and expanding one’s free will are the key factors. We also need to create a sense of detachment from the consequences of one’s actions.

Spirituality is Not ReligionWe all must learn to differentiate between religion and spirituality. Religions are divisive and quarrelsome; they breed on outmoded ideas, treat people as part of a tribe. We are part of a global village. The days of tribal warfare as it is still seen in many parts of the world are over. Think of yourself as a part of a whole global village.

It’s important to experience a sense of gratitude for one’s sheer existence. Unfortunately, our emotional and spiritual development has not kept pace with our scientific research. Modern research shows that the majority of people stop growing beyond the age of eight. This is how little we change. There is a huge gap between what we know to be true and how we practice those principles.

Even though we are a young species, it is only when several people come together and believe they can change themselves that we can reach some sort of a critical mass that will help change society. Mahatma Gandhi was able to reach critical mass because of the strong empathy the public had with the Indian freedom struggle. Subsequently both Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were able to influence people meaningfully, but this is a rare phenomena.

So, in the end, I think we all have to make a beginning with ourselves before we go ahead and look for a larger change. We need to make a beginning, with ourselves, within ourselves, and that will be the first step.

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