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Well my boyfriend always teases me about eating my pie... but he never actually does.

To bi or not to bi

How can I get it through my boyfriends head that not all women are bi?

Waiting and hoping

The man that I am truly in love with is literally on the other side of the world. What do I do?

Beating the Silver Bullet

I am really sick of my vibrator, it’s too cold and it can’t suck. Any suggestions??

All hooked up

My ex and I have been hooking up for a couple of months since our breakup...

Getting over someone

What is the best way of getting over someone? I would think that after a year I'd be well over it.

Long-distance woes

About a year ago I started dating a girl who lived out of state and then she decided not to be with me.

Just one glitch

I'm involved with a guy who I REALLY like! There's just one glitch... He's still married.

Can’t find a man

I am an attractive 27 year old female. I am considered to be a pretty good catch and...

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