Author Archives: Shannon Dawn

Size Does Matter

The old saying that size doesn't matter was obviously invented by a very unfortunate man.

The eternal internal

I don't know of any woman who enjoys her yearly trip to the gynecologist's office, but I do know what we all think about having to go.

Life After Death?

I can only hope that there is a heaven of some sort after death. I hope that it is not just wishful thinking, or I will feel pretty freakin' cheated!

Porn is as old as art

People make such a fuss over nudity these days it's as if any form of media or art displaying a little skin is automatically considered pornographic. If that's the case, then pornography has existed for ages.

Fashion Shopping When You’re Strapped

Sick of wearing the same old ratty clothes, but can't afford the overpriced cool fashions at the mall?

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