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Beginning to change

Why do we have to wait until a new year to give it another go? There isn't a law that says New Year's Day is the only day we can start to change.

Giving your time

How long has it been since you have spent an afternoon with a grandparent, spoken to your mother for longer then 10 minutes, or visited a cousin you had not seen since you were children?

Little Annoyances

She has done it again. Your best friend has left you stranded because she is running a half an hour late. Or she has blown you off for something else that came up. Or she’s spilled the secret you made her swear not to tell. You are irritated and angry, and you start questioning why you are friends with her in the first place. And then she comes over at three in the morning because you are two days late […]

Glass Ceilings

The only problem for the computer industry is that it seems that many people are not ready to accept a woman in the field.

Trust your instinct

Although something tells us when we may possibly be in danger, sometimes, we ignore it.

Letting go of hate

Everything that happened in the past cannot be changed and it is time to move on.

How Media Portrays the Female Body

The media tells us so much these days. It tells us what to drink, what to eat, what to wear, what to listen to. Who to be. But most importantly, it tells us what we should look like.

She is such a slut

Perhaps it is just a hang over of old high school pettiness, but there is something wrong when a woman judges another because of her sexuality.

What makes a woman hot?

What does it mean to be hot? Many people start thinking of a woman with perfect skin, a perfect body, and a walk that makes you think of sex.

Summer’s little pleasures

Life is quickly passing us by, so be sure to make some active time for yourself this summer, while you still can.

There is no white knight

Saving yourself for that perfect, chivalrous man? Don't let life pass you by while you're on a crusade for your White Knight.

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