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6 Tips to help quit smoking

Need help to quit smoking? Here's are 6 easy all-natural tips that worked for me and my friends.

Great gifts for Valentine’s Day

This Valentine's Day, be prepared for lots of loving by following our advice and getting her the goods she really wants and deserves.

The mainstreaming of pornography

I do not object to porn, but I do object to porn without an age disclaimer, warning, or other means to at least attempt to keep minors out.

What if?

We have all asked ourselves this question at least once in our life. It’s human nature. “What if I had not broken up with him?”, “What if I had taken that job offer?” What if? …in the long run, if your first choice was NOT the best choice, it was a learning experience. We all wonder what the other side of the fence looks like and what may lie behind door number 2. It could be better, but it could […]

Au Natural: Being yourself

People think because a female is bitchy that she is badass. Wrong.

Almost famous

I recently saw the movie "Almost Famous" and it brought back so many great memories! Besides the music, it reminded me of a life I left behind many years ago.

How to be a charmer

Lately I have been paying a lot of attention to people. Everywhere I go, I see people. On the Internet, at the grocery store, driving down the road. They do not know I am paying attention. They are so wrapped up in in their own world, they are not paying attention to ME. I put myself in their position and ask, “Would I behave in that manner?”. The answer is no about 99% of the time. If you are at […]

True Blue

A tasty drink to chase away those end-of-summer blues!

My Midlife Crisis

Being good to yourself is an important part of staying healthy. Nutrition and wellness are key elements of treating yourself right and living a balanced life.

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