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BagMan: The Seventh of the Dirty Seven

Bag Man not only comes into a relationship with luggage, he has steamer trunks full of unresolved issues from his past.

OLMan: The Sixth of the Dirty Seven

He's old and still a loser ... watch out for the OL Man , number six in The Dirty Seven.

YAPpie: The Fifth of the Dirty Seven

You have heard of Yuppies, now meet YAPpies! They're the one of the Dirty Seven guys you DON'T want to date!

Guy Man: Fourth of the Dirty Seven

GuyMan hurts people because he is uncertain about his sexual preference. He is the fourth category of The Dirty Seven.

Crazy Man: Third of the Dirty Seven

His diagnosis is not just "different;" he's "Just plain nuts!" He is the third category of The Dirty Seven men to avoid if you are looking for a fulfilling, happy relationship.

Side Man: Second of the Dirty Seven

SideMan is looking for some excitement but is already married, living with someone, or otherwise attached.

ScarMan: First of The Dirty Seven

If you are looking for a satisfying relationship, throw ScarMan back on the beach. His `poor me, me, me` routine does not get better with time.

Where have all the good men gone?

Don't waste valuable time dating dead-end men. No matter how much hope, love, and denial you throw in their direction, they won't change.

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