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Misse Anonimo

Feature Chick Misse Anonimo is a full-time freelance model born and raised in Missoula, MT. She has been modeling off and on for various companies, figures, apparel manufacturers and pleasure based projects.

Over the Top Shamrock

Strong brew hidden under a speckled cloud of minted whipped cream and grated chocolate.

Irish Car Bomb

Tastes like "Chocolate Milk."

The Green Devil

A nice, minty fresh jubilee for St. Patty's Day. Be warned, it sneaks up and bites you on the boo-boo.

Chocolate Corvette

You won't be getting too drunk on this one, but it is great for a night cap or ski lodge warm-up.

High Octane Orange

This drink is orangey and sweet. Pretty potent though.

Hot Apple Pie

A hot drink that is sweet and spicy and slightly tart.

Kir Royale

This is a simple but very pleasant alternative to your simple glass of Champagne or Mimosa


Very tasty and sweet concoction. Dooleys is a Baileys-type liquor with a toffee flavor, the Stoli Vanil adds a little kick. Great dessert drink.

Vanilla Snatch

It goes down quick and smooth and its taste is comparable to a vanilla shake.

Bloody Brain

Sweet and looks like a bloody brain. Great for Halloween shooters.

Keylime Pie Martini

A tasty concoction that is not too sweet and not too tart. Goes down really easy, and you'll be amazed how much it actually tastes like Key Lime pie.

Naughty Tart

This drink is fruity, but not too sweet.

Killer Kool-Aid

A definite favorite for those who don't really want to taste the alcohol.

Bad Girl’s Thin Mint Cookie

It's green, it's straight up and it tastes like a bad girl's girl scout cookie.

New Twist

A new twist on two old favorites. A simple yet very tasty drink easy and quick to make. Perfect for those who don't normally drink hard liquor.

Bull Shoot

A drink when you run out of liquor for logical combinations.

Emerald Martini

A light, clean melon taste. Perfect for the ladies.

Washington Apple

Sweet and tart, like an apple.

Absolut Citron Blue Lemonade

This one doesn't sneak up on you, it walks up, taps you on the shoulder, and sits right down!

Pineapple Martini

This drink will knock your socks off. It is a GREAT ice-breaker, perfect for parties or lounging by the pool.

Orange Sherbert Martini

A tasty concoction that is sweet, but not too sweet. You'll be amazed at how much it really does taste like orange sherbet.

Fuzzy Shark

Great for sipping by the pool or as a cocktail at the beach.

Frozen Mango Martini

This one is definitely different, with the sweet tropical taste of mangos being a welcome summer change.


Tropical and sweet, this one is pretty good.

The Peckerhead

This is definitely one for the ladies. Sweet and potent, it is reminiscent of a pineapple vodka martini without the dry vermouth bite.

Summertime Blues

Your friends will wonder what the hell you're doing mixing these ingredients together, but the outcome is quite tasty -- Tart and fruity, with a little kick.


Feature Chick, Yulia hails from Moscow, has a degree in International Business, and Loves to shoot guns. Need we say more?

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