Au Natural: Being yourself (is the hottest thing of all)

As I was preparing to write this feature, about what I think is hot, I started thinking back on the past year and my time with Badasschick. I had come across this cool site People think because a female is bitchy that she is badass. Wrong. and thought “Wow, a site where I fit in”. Now, I do A LOT of research (read:Surfing:) and participate at many different kinds of sites. And I enjoy each of them, but to say I feel as though I *fit in*, that is hard to do. But here I found women about my age, thinking about the same things I do. It was sort of like going from Easy Riders to Mademoiselle:) While I enjoyed Easyriders, I was not into every page like I was Mademoiselle.

Why do I think Badasschick is hot? Because it is real. The women here are people you come in contact with daily. We are not plastic, we eat lunch and shop for groceries and walk the dog just like YOU, and real IS hot. I like to think we are compassionate and thoughtful people as well. We do not discriminate. We are always seeking to enlighten ourselves and others about things we think are important. Not just to us. To humankind.

I find that expending energy on negative things is stressful and diminishes our capacity for caring. Normal stress, if there IS such a thing:) is something you can work to alleviate. Pay off the credit cards and the stress of that is gone. I know, easier said than done, but my point is, it is something you can actively work on easing. To deliberately seek out negative energy is very odd to me. An example is a Britney Spears site I came across that was nothing more than a big put down of her. I don’t get the calling Britney a whore? Why is she a whore? I can see poking fun, but to deliberately build a site, search for pictures, and all that can go into building a site, just to call someone they have never met, nor will they ever meet, a whore? Negative energy which will suck you dry. Just like a vampire.

You think they don’t exist? Take a look around. That woman ahead of you in line, the one giving the cashier a hard time because the price is wrong on something? She has no need to give the cashier a hard time, but that is what they do. They bleed negative energy. They don’t suck blood, they suck good vibes:) That guy at the stoplight, that *punches it* and speeds in and out of traffic without signaling, he is sucking you and I dry. All this negative, frenetic energy being expended. It is in the air, all around us. The Jones’ are stressing because the Smiths’ got a new SUV, so now Mr. and Mrs. Jones need to work even more overtime to keep up. Meanwhile, their kids are learning about entirely too much entirely too soon. What happened to kids playing outside? I hardly ever see children playing outside. Seems the only place I see them is in stores, whining to their mom about why she won’t buy them THIS or THAT.

Cell phones everywhere! Definitely NOT hot. Use them for an emergency, not to put distance between you and everyone else. You could be missing out on making a new friend because you feel the need to always be DOING something. Don’t walk into my store, yapping on your phone, and ignore my greeting. How rude. I see women out on dates, and the guys they are with are sitting there talking away, like the gal can entertain herself! I have HEARD the conversations they are having. They are NOT more important than the person sitting right in front of you. Keep them for business and emergency situations and you will find more people smiling at you. I know I will be one of them:)

I guess what I find hot nowadays is compassion and consideration. The ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and not be quick to judge. To let someone go ahead of you in line. To NOT have a cell phone turned on at all times:) Please do not, however, mistake bitch for badass. This is a peeve of mine:) People think because a female is bitchy that she is badass. Wrong. Badass is being able to keep smiling when things are not going as planned. It is being strong in your convictions yet not forcing it down others’ throats. It is about being a strong soul and helping others along the way. It is about so much more than telling someone off who took that great parking spot from you at the mall:)

Hot is being secure with your belief system and your self. Do not try to impress people, do not try to be someone else. Be you and be hot.

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is a Lifestyle and Weight Loss Management Specialist and Food Psychology Coach who loves to ride motorcycles.
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