Are you a man or a mouse?

Do women see you as a man? Cheri Huber says it best in her book: Be The One You Want To Find — “A man will be attracted to a woman and a woman will be attracted to a man.” We’ve all heard it before, you attract what you are. If you want to have a meaningless relationship with a naive little girl, then it’s ok to act like an idiot. But if you want a relationship with a woman then it’s time to really graduate from high school.

For example, if every other word out of your mouth is “F— this” or “F— that” then obviously your vocabulary could use some expanding. There is nothing worse then bringing your man around your friends and having him act like he just got out of prison or drives rigs for a living. I’m not saying you have to be Einstein for a woman to like you, but please, just watch your mouth.

Second, if you are out on a date with your woman, please don’t be a loud and obnoxious 4 year old. We don’t find it attractive. Actually, it’s pretty annoying. It makes us feel like we’re with our brother instead of our mate. Next, If we come over and your place is a wreck, then we see you as a wreck. Sorry, but that’s the way it works. If you can’t even keep your place clean then you are a slob and ewwwww. If you’re going to have us over then at least pick up a little and maybe do half of the dishes that are laying all over the sink. If you are a guy who is looking for a partner, she doesn’t want to be constantly cleaning up after you. We want to be attractive to you and we want you to be attractive to us.

Why do you think that most women are attracted to big, strong men? They can be total jerks and women will keep going back for more. I’ve made that mistake before myself. It’s the idea of manly that just somehow gets us hot. We don’t want to be with a whiny, slob who drinks too much, is loud and wears his underwear for 3 days in a row. Now, I’m not saying that you have to be 6 feet tall and have big muscles. It’s all in your energy. You can be five feet tall and seem like a giant. I believe that when a man truly is a man and is mature and responsible yet isn’t uptight, then it makes a woman feel more like a woman when she is with him and it feels good. She will be back for more. Believe me.

I love when a guy I’m dating tells me he wants to go away with me and then takes care of how and where. He will reap many benefits from that little gesture. There’s nothing worse than a guy who constantly says, “What do you want to do”? Make a decision. I also dig when I tell him what I want for dinner and he orders for me. Last, we love when you open doors for us. Just like you guys are attracted to the softness of a woman. We are attracted to the strength of a man.

Now don’t go home tonight and start ordering your woman around and letting her know who’s boss. Unless you’re role playing. Another great visual. Let me rephrase that. Know when and where to order her around and let her know who’s boss. That’s better. Oh, one more thing, please put the seat down when you are done with the toilet. Or at least make it in. Pee spots on the rim are a big turn off.

I know it may seem like you don’t know what the hell women want. Just try and think about what you are attracted to. I don’t mean T & A, I’m talking about who she really is. I’m sure you don’t want some whiny, immature, squeeky, crude, and obnoxious chick who can’t make a decision because she spends so much time pleasing everyone else. Neither do we. Can you say “BAGGAGE”? If what you are looking for is a woman, then spend time becoming a man. If not, have fun with the little girls while it lasts.

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