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My ex and I have been hooking up for a couple of months since our breakup. I want to get back together with him, but don’t know how to tell him. Last week I hooked up with another guy and shortly after he found out about it, he started dating another girl. It’s painful thinking that he actually has a life, and that it doesn’t necessarily involve me. What should I do?


Dear Chandra,
You should leave him alone. If you really wanted to get back together with him you would have told him that you love him and want to get back together. Instead you “hooked up” … whatever that means … with someone else. Good for him for not wasting his time and having a life … sounds like you should get a life too.

The Chick
Enjoy single life. Did you think it was going to last forever? If you’re already hooking up with other dudes sounds like you are already enjoying it as well. And same for him. The dagger does pierce deeply though when you realize he’s happier without you, doesn’t it?

The Dude

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