34B or 42DD who cares?

So it is one of the biggest dilemnas of female genetics — The breast size. For generations women have toiled and obsessed about the size of their breasts. Well, thanks to modern medical marvels women finally have the breast implant at their disposal. But when does breast augmentation go too far? Does the old addage “more than a mouthful is a waste” really stack up with regards to breast size?

What do guys really think about breast size anyway? As a guy I can tell you that breast size isn’t NEARLY as much as an issue to men as it is to women. Every woman thinks she is being wholly judged upon the size of her breasts — this is not at all true. Yes it is definitely eye candy to see a woman with large, perfect breasts, bra-less in a white tanktop running through the rain .. and if I were a bartender in a street-side cafe I may offer her a kaulua and coffee for free to warm her up and fake breasts don’t feel good. They’re tough, spongy, and far from realistic perhaps prolong my visual stimulation, but then what? Am I going to cheat on my wife for 5-minutes of titalizing sex with her? Nope.

The truth is ladies that yes, women with big breasts get looked at, a lot. They get free drinks and crowds of men staring at them … but remember, all that glitters is not gold. 4 out of 5 men I interviewed said they actually preferred medium to small breasts over large ones.

“I’ll take a chick with small perky breasts over a chick with huge unwieldy ones any day. It’s that simple.” a Canadian tourist had to say.

“My wife has small breasts .. and she rarely wears a bra .. there is nothing sexier that a beautiful woman that can go around bra-less without the fear of her breasts looking bad.” a local bartender commented.

Ladies, if you’re small in the upper torso area think twice before considering breast augmentation.

Hmmm ... a little squishy.

Hmmm … a little squishy.

It may not be worth it. In fact, if you have nice, well-shaped perky boobs, no matter what size, then there is really no reason to get it. Just because you’re not lucky enough to dawn a body the likes of Christina Hendricks, doesn’t mean that men won’t find you very attractive. If you’re that insecure about your appearance, then perhaps a wiser investment would be a personal trainer. You’ll end up saving $5000-$8000, the going premium for instant artificial confidence.

“A girl with a tight little body and flat stomach doesn’t need large boobs …” Jim, a financier from Palm Beach exalted “Big breasts aren’t the only things we guys like!”

However, for those ladies out there who are getting breast augmentation or reconstructive surgery, please be diligent and do your research. Remember you don’t have to look like Maxi Mounds.

Here are some things to consider

  1. Find a reputable doctor! It is well worth the extra premium to make sure you choose someone qualified and with good references.
  2. Ask other women who’ve already received augmentation surgery about the pros and cons they’ve encountered. Perhaps they can reveal some tips or caveats that you may want to keep in mind.
  3. Be smart and ask questions. Don’t be embarrassed to speak to your doctor about ALL of your concerns. This is your body and you don’t want to fuck it up!
  4. Be reasonable. You’re going to have these things for a long time. Unless you are considering exotic dancing or adult films don’t become a freak … there is absolutely no reason to tote around 56EEE melons. Consider the future health and back problems you will encounter.
  5. Do this for your OWN reasons! Just because your boyfriend has dreams of tip-toeing through the booby patch doesn’t mean that you have to become his personal Boticelli. Be responsible and make your own decisions.

If you’re seriously considering breast augmentation, you should definitely check out these resources

FDA Breast Implant Information – Breast Implants, surgery, reasons for/against reconstruction with breast implants.

Implant Info – Breast augmentation and breast implants information: A positive forum for discussion, chat, 100’s of before and after photos, real stories from real women, information on choosing a plastic surgeon.

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