Lessons Not Learned
How to get stuff for free
Sugar and spice?
Size Does Matter
Online romance, It really does happen!
How to deal with a bitch with an attitude
Blowing him off!
I’d Rather Date a Cucumber
How to spot a cheesy man
Cocky doesn’t necessarily mean "cocky"
34B or 42DD who cares?
6 Tips to help quit smoking
Let him see pie
Get him to eat your pie
Shaving your pie
Three’s a nice crowd … but not perfect
Diaries of a naked house cleaner: Part Two
Valentine’s Day
Without a doubt
Great gifts for Valentine’s Day
A Fateful Valentine’s
Begin with yourself
The Rookie Years
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
The mainstreaming of pornography
The storm before the calm
The Shine from Within
Is this the end? No, a new beginning!
Beginning to change
It feels good to kick ass
What if?
Giving ’til it hurts
Giving your time
On the receiving end
Instant gratification – is it worth it?
Little Annoyances
My Trip to Canadian Idol
Those gifts that keep on giving
Hope for the holidays
Get in his head before you get in his bed
Lost in love
BagMan: The Seventh of the Dirty Seven
Au Natural: Being yourself
The benefits of being single for the holidays
Fair weather friends
The joy of bartending
Therapeutic Massage: Nothing sensual about it
Glass Ceilings
OLMan: The Sixth of the Dirty Seven
It came from Hell: jealous exes
The eternal internal
Nightmare nightshift
Attack of the 5-ft creep
Life After Death?
Buried Alive: Afraid of commitment?
How to find a good auto mechanic
Booty call, things that go bump in the night
Trust your instinct
Breaking up and moving on
YAPpie: The Fifth of the Dirty Seven
Almost famous
The Feminine Image
A Philosophical view of love and hate
How to be a charmer
Letting go of hate
Ways to deal with a break up
How Media Portrays the Female Body
Guy Man: Fourth of the Dirty Seven
Porn is as old as art
Great Expectations
Gilding the Lily
Fashion Shopping When You’re Strapped
A moment of clarity
The Bald and the Beautiful
The long and winding road…
Have you GOT what’s HOT?
My Midlife Crisis
Do we really peak at 30?
Intimacy Issues
Crazy Man: Third of the Dirty Seven
Duh, I bench 400
Review: Dairy Queen Lemon Meringue Pie Blizzard
How to write an erotic story
Quiet on the set
You women!
Dud or Stud?
Sara Lee Snack Cakes Review
Diaries of a naked house cleaner
Hot tempers
Guilt-free Independence
She is such a slut
Dairy Queen S’mores Blizzard Review
Drinking too much … is it getting old yet?
Spring is in the air
Side Man: Second of the Dirty Seven
The women we love and their tattoos
The virtues of robbing the cradle
What makes a woman hot?
Ah, the single life
Tear up that baggage claim ticket!
The SEX issue
Summer’s little pleasures
I was a female dick
ScarMan: First of The Dirty Seven
10 pick-up lines that DON’T work
No, it’s not a 600
Where have all the good men gone?
Give me independence
Tan-fastic! The right way to sun your buns
There is no white knight
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